Hop in! You come, we go!

Herro evelybody. My name Shang Kwon Phat. Thanking you velly nice to see me,

espesherwy my fliends flom Coppa Lidge.

I am wanting to show you my pah thlee gof coulse in my homerand.

Ah-So what you waiting fo-wah? Hop in! You come, we go!

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you caw on terafoneyou go Joe!Shang say you no jus dlop in.
You caw fo-ah a tee tine.

We croszed fo-ah the monsoon
lainy season flom August to forrowing Ju-rie.

If you pray wif rong ilon, Shang
say you pray through Joe!

Be a good Joe
and reprace
yo-ah divots.

If you find Titerist
wif 2 ah-tooth mahks
ah-thlee inchas apaht
dat Shang's ball.

My gleens keepa work velly hard to make my gof coulse velly nice. You rike?

Hey soopaman! You stop by crubhouse afta gof wound fo velly nice Saki' and rice cakes.

Saki' lickshaw wench she give Joe velly nice massage?

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