Turtle Soup!

Here you will find a hodgepodge of miscellaneous musings, a plentiful plethora and potpourri of pictures, a bountiful bouquet and banquet of sounds. Basically, this is where I put the rest of the crap I didn't know what to do with!

Majestic Beer Babes of the Week
The Snapper League has been awarding the MBBOTW award to lucky beer babes on a sporadic basis ever since July 9, 2007, when Lori Lynn was first inducted with this now famous "ponytail and thigh" shot. Since then, many have been honored with this prestigious award, with their pictures scattered in various locations on this website, and now they have finally been given their very own place of honor here. Sadly, we have yet to get that elusive shot of the MBB in her natural habitat, but sit back and enjoy them captured in captivity supplying their precious cargo of golden nectar to thirsty Snappers... (in no particular order)

7/9/07 (Lori Lynn) 6/7/08 (name???) 8/7/08 (Lori Lynn)
6/18/09 (Carly) 8/7/09 (Nicole) 7/9/07 (Kaitlan)
7/17/08 (Erika) 6/5/08 (Rachel) *6/9/05 (Amy)
*7/8/06 (Heidi) 7/16/07 (Jill) 8/9/07 (Laura)
5/6/10 (Beth) 5/20/10 (Marissa) 6/10/10 (Laura)
5/5/11 (Sarah) 5/10/12 (Jenn) 5/17/12 (Steph)
5/17/12 (Steph #2) 6/14/12 (Melani) 5/1/14 (Allie)
5/8/14 (Erynn) 5/22/14 (Jessica) 6/12/14 (Erynn #2)
6/26/14 (Jessica) 6/26/14 (Kelly) 7/31/14 (Helen)
7/24/14 (Kayla) 7/16/15 (Sara Lee! Oh Yah! Baby!) 5/28/15 (Kelly)
5/14/15 (Haley) 5/7/15 (Erin) 8/5/16 (Katie)
7/7/16 (Emma) *Surprise 5/12/16 (Kayla)

MBB Natural Habitat: At the end of the day toward dusk, the beer babes gather down at the dock on Lake Walden, playfully wading and splashing each other to cool off, their soaked and clinging attire dripping in slow motion...

*Unofficial MBBOTW pre-award sightings.

Hey! No twerking guys!

Ahhh...The Thrill of Competition!
Cristie Kerr kisses the trophy she received for winning the LPGA Longs Drugs Challenge at the Twelve Bridges Golf Club in Lincoln, Calif., Sunday, April 21, 2002. Kerr finished with a four-day total of 8-under-par 280. This was Kerr's first win on the LPGA tour. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

DISCLAIMER: This is not an an actual picture of the legendary Betsy (our ex-beer girl), but an artist's uncanny rendition. Betsy never acquiesced and granted me permission to use her actual likeness on this web site. She evidently questioned my motives, and became suspicious when presented with the release form.

All we wanted was to pay homage to her for providing that "beacon of hope" when were most in need. Ahhhh!!! what a site to behold... Betsy in the cart filled with its golden cargo as she crests the hill on YOUR fairway.
God bless America. and God bless YOU Betsy.

Carl11.wav   (277K)  DaBlade: I describe my putter
(which should explain a lot!)
gregtheme.wav   (164K)  This tune plays in my head "ad-infinitum" each time my partner addresses his ball 
ballwash.wav   (38K)  Good advice from Butthead  
Coffeehole.wav   (68K)  A clip from "Grumpy Old Men"
(Team 5?) Sounds like Latin for
"coffee Hole" to me!  


Is that Shang holding up the sign in the back row?

I could 2-putt this one!

As promised,I have begun to dabble in the ancient Japanese art of Haiku poetry. The way I see it, nothing says "Snapper golf" like poetry that doesn't even rhyme! Strange, but true. I have tried to adhere to the rules in writing my haiku.

The traditional rules for haiku are that each of the three verses use seven or eight words, a total of only seventeen rhythmical syllables (5-7- 5), including a season word.

Remember. A good haiku will elicit thoughts, feelings, and emotions greater than the sum of their words. Be forewarned. My haiku will very likely evoke these emotional responses, and don't be surprised when you tear up. So without further ado, here are my haiku (sans rhymes).

DaBlade's Golf Haiku's

White dimpled face hides
Shadows dance on forest floor
Foot wedge to fairway

Undulating green
Morning dew glistens on blades
Three putt quadruple

Safe lay up to edge
Pond surface reflects like glass
Cart plunge makes ripples

Hot dry summer thirst
Silhouette on horizon
Hard nips and cold beer

I know what you're thinking. Hard to believe I don't do this for a living. If you would like to try your hand at golf haiku, please forward them to me and I will be happy to add them here.