Assholes of the Day!
Welcome to the "asshole of the day" archives. Here, you will find the past "winners" of this, our most coveted award. Every week, nominations are taken, embellishments encouraged, and put to a clubhouse vote. The Snapper that distinguished himself in asinine fashion with words or actions, is awarded a golf ball of questionable quality.

2017 Assholes may be found on the 2017 Snapper Season link found on the news tab (I'll sort them later)

Top 10 Assholes (at last vote)

2016 assholes of the day:

Jim Kuhla "WHAT NUMBER?" (May 26, 2016)  
Dishonorable Mentions "c-gamers" (June 9, 2016)  
Dishonorable Mentions "contendas" (June 16 and 23, 2016)  
Dishonorable Mentions "tough crowd" (July 14, 2016)  
Timmy Kachelski "grandma's cooter hair" (August 4, 2016)  
Dave Mitteer "what club were you playing?" (August 11, 2016)  

2015 assholes of the day:

Steve Markunas (you dirty dog) "recovering alcoholics" (May 14, 2015)  
Scott Gregory "delayed cart operation" (June 11, 2015)  
Dishonorable Mentions (June 18, 2015)  
Steve Peltier "for a little while" (June 25, 2015)  
Timmy Kachelski "THE LAST PENIS ON EARTH" (July 16, 2015)  
ERIK "Brah" STANLEY "wanton disregard for wildlife" (July 23, 2015)  
Tim Kachelski "failure to advocate for his own partner" (July 30, 2015)  
Jamie Leece "outdriven by a girl" (August 6, 2015)  
Tommy Harrison "the Helicopter" (August 13, 2015)  
Jim Kuhla "enthusiastic lack of confidence" (August 27, 2015)  

2014 assholes of the day:

Dishonorable Unmentionables (May 8, 2014)  
Dishonorable Unmentionables (May 22,2014)  
Darren Bentley, for dereliction of Card Cap'n duties (May 29,2014)  
Herb Green TURNED DOWN FREE BEER (June 5,2014)  
Herb Green, for GROSS HYPERSOMNIA (June 19,2014)  
Jim Kuhla, Beer-N-Corn? (June 26,2014)  
Rick Carlson, for gross disrespect (July 17,2014)  
Leece, for acting "Jamie like" (July 31,2014)  
Larry Cooper, the shot heard 'round the league (August 28,2014)  

2013 assholes of the day:

Larry Cooper, you broomed Ken didn’t ya? (May 2, 2013)  
Dishonorable Unmentionables (May 9,2013)  
Larry Cooper, PIN PLACEMENT 6 today (May 16, 2013)  
Rick Carlson, For 'Tee Baggin' (May 23, 2013)  
Tom Harrison, for having it his way (May 30, 2013)  
Dishonorable Red Hat Divas (June 6, 2013)  
Chris Carlson, hands down (June 13, 2013)  
Jason Carrier, for BAD BIRD BADGERING (July 11, 2013)  
Rick Carlson, the key to his success (July 18, 2013)  
Jason Carrier, for duck hooking an analogy (July 25, 2013)  
(in the news)the first ever video evidenced nomination!! (August 8, 2013) 

2012 assholes of the day:

Bob "BOOB" Baumann (May 3, 2012) for extreme naivetĂ© & tolerance 
BOBBIE MAGUFFEE (May 10, 2012) for obliviously absconding the flagstick 
Timmy K (May 17, 2012) for golf ball brand malefeasance 
Dishonorables (May 24, 2012)PLUS Shang's attempted hijack of partner's score  
Jamie Leece (May 31, 2012) for Flagging the Petunias 
BILL "Pic Pic" Cape (June 7, 2012) for extreme ingratitude 
Timmy Kachelski (June 14, 2012) in a "you pick it" 
Scott Cowan (June 21, 2012) for extreme "good fun" shenanigans naivete 
Jeff Nesgoda (June 28, 2012) for ill-advised ATTEMPTED PARTNER HELPFULNESS 
Steve Markunas (July 26, 2012) for being the sole dissenter for rescinding Special Rule 5a  
Dishonorables (August 2, 2012)  
Dishonorables (August 16, 2012)  
Dishonorable to the Comanche Cigar (August 23, 2012)  
Dishonorable (August 30, 2012)  

2011 assholes of the day:

Winner: Bob "Snakemaster" Maguffee (May 5, 2011) 
Honorable Mentions, from Seve to Dick Van Dyke (May 12, 2011) 
Winner: Chris "CMoney" carlson for Failed "Man Up!" (May 19, 2011) 
Honorable Mention: Steve "Heartless" Markunas (June 9, 2011) 
Winner: Tim Kachelski, for "debauchery and intent to defraud" the league (June 16, 2011) 
"CART 79 WHERE ARE YOU?!" (August 18, 2011) 
Honorable Mention: Bobbie comes up short! (August 25, 2011) 

2010 assholes of the day:

First 2010 AOTD Award a "Lawless" Affair (5/6/10) 
Bad Chad & Nessie - The case of the third greenie marker (5/20/10) 
Dishonorable Mention to Steve Hollywood Markunas (5/27/10) 
Dave Lawless for "Undue Accusatory Oratory" (6/3/10) 
Bill Roachie Roach for "Indian Giving" a Pic Pic (6/17/10) 
Rick "Snapper" Carlson for "GROSSLY ARROGANT IMPOSITION UPON FAMILY" (6/24/10) 
dishonorable unmentionables (7/1/10) 
Steve Markunas for gross unpreparedness (7/8/10) 
Herb Green, what's in your wallet? (7/29/10) 
Bad Chad for "EXCESSIVE BRAGGADOCIO" (8/12/10) 
NESSIE for his Hansel & Gretel routine (8/26/10) 

2009 assholes of the day:

Darren Bentley for "unforgivable Snapper sin" (8/13/9) 
"Born to be wild" (8/6/9) 
Chris Carlson for extreme gullibility (7/30/9) 
Bill Cape for behavior unbecoming of a Snapper (7/23/9) 
Numerous "breaches of golf etiquette" nominations (7/9/9) 
Wolf for "Selective availability in Jamie bet payoffs" (6/26/9) 
Cap'n Brad Dishonorable Mention (5/21/9) 
Timmy K for his Woody Hayes impersonation (5/20/9) 
Miscellaneous dishonorable mentions (5/11/9) 

2008 assholes of the day:

Blevins exhibits Dyslexic Telephonophobia (8/21/8) 
Hollywood and Wolf team win for over-anxiousness (8/7/8) 
The Assassin falls for the exploding ball trick (7/31/8) 
Dishonorable Mentions (7/17/8) 
Dishonorable Mentions (7/10/8) 
Dishonorable Mentions (6/26/8) 
Dishonorable Mentions (6/19/8) 
Dishonorable Mentions (6/12/8) 
Steve "Hollywood" Markunas (6/5/08)  "for dressing like a Ken Doll"
Tim Kachelski (5/29/08)  "Little Timmy K offers an "oral""
Nekkid' Dave (5/21/08)  "solicitation and receipt of never before offered Majestic Valet Relay"

2007 assholes of the day:

Chad Ellis (8/16/07)  "Unprepared for golf"
Jerry Carlson (8/9/07)  "Self inflicted goose excrement
Tim Kachelski (7/26/07)  "illogical explanation of sock tees"
Jerry Carlson (7/12/07)  "disregard for card captain duties"
Bill Cape (6/28/07)  "Scotch taped wallet"
Bill Cape (6/21/07)  "Conduct unbecoming to a Snapper"
Steve Peltier (6/14/07)  "Shang wins WDFN drawing"
Dave Mitteer (5/31/07)  "Man Overboard!"

2006 assholes of the day

Steve Markunas (8/17/06)  "Careless cart crashin"
Rick Carlson (8/10/06)  "disregard for his duties"
Gary Fulgham (7/13/06)  "obsessive impurities behavior"
Tim Kachelski (7/3/06)  "obsessive impurities behavior"
Chris Carlson (6/28/06)  "No matter what for"
Dave Lawless (6/9/06)  "efeminite refusal of an overly caloried beer"
Dave Lawless (5/24/06)  "unnatural creation of loose impediments"
Steve Markunas (5/16/06)  "Misplaced trust in fellow golfers"
Rick Carlson (5/10/06)  "blatantly ignoring Snapper league by-laws"

2005 assholes of the day:

Greg Carlson (8/25/05)  "Spartan terrorism"
Rick Carlson (8/4/05)  "excessive pomposity"
Dave Mitteer (7/30/05)  "sweet spot gear shift"
Dave Wolfenden (7/21/05)  "targeting does from range tees"
Dave Lawless (7/14/05)  "forfeiture of decency"
Jerry Carlson (7/7/05)  "Who let the dogs does out?"
Rick Carlson (6/30/05)  "Speaker phone terrorism"
Bill and Dave (6/25/05)  "Gilligan impersonation" (DM)
Steve Peltier (6/9/05)  "cheapness unbecoming even to a Snapper"
Dave Mitteer (DM) (6/2/05)  "sober Dave aloof"
Dave Mitteer (5/26/05)  "Tender moments"
Dave Mitteer (5/19/05)  "Rudeness to the female mobile purveyor of the golden nectar (beer)"
Steve Peltier (5/12/05)  "Misplaced nomination of old frat brother"
Dave Lawless (5/5/05)  "excessive balls in the chamber"

2004 assholes of the day

Bill Cape (9/4/04)  "Pic Pic'd a Max"
Steve Markunas (8/26/04)  "Turtle abuse"
Rick Carlson (8/19/04)  "attempts to reject honorary award"
Dave and Chris (DM) (8/19/04)  "Smoked $11.95 worth of Wolf's $12 cigar"
Rick Carlson (8/12/04)  "Picked by Sum Yung Gai"
Chris Carlson (8/5/04)  "4-Iron fake-out"
Dave Mitteer (7/26/04)  "fling flinging his bling bling"
Jerry Carlson (7/20/04)  "bad form anger carry-over"
Jerry and Greg (7/10/04)  "teeing off sans opponents"
Tim Kachelski (7/2/04)  "Marv Albert immitation"
Bill Cape (6/3/04)  "False yardage to partner"
Jerry Carlson (5/15/04)  "actions threaten free flow of beer"
Jason Wolfenden (DM) (5/8/04)  "I got a 5-1"

2003 assholes of the day

Steve Markunas (8/21/03)  "left windows down in storm"
Bill and Dave (8/7/03)  "switched nametags"
Jerry Carlson (7/24/03)  "Pic-pic shanghai"
Greg Carlson (7/17/03)  "Take your pick"
Chris Carlson (6/12/03)  "College Boy's Chaos Defense Rejected"
Rick Carlson (5/29/03)  "Shoeless Snapper"
Carl Jordan (5/15/03)  "for wrapping golf cart in giant condom"
Ryan Zelenbaba (5/8/03)  "for flaunting his greenies money"
no winner (5/1/03)  "a few unworthy nominations"


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