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Miguel Angel Jimenez asks: "Are you warmed up yet?" (April 14, 2014) 
Guess what daaay it is? 2014 SNAPPER SEASON IS NOW UNDER WAY!!(April 30, 2014) 
WK1 UPDATE: Pair of subs beat 59 of a kind (May 1, 2014) 
WK2 UPDATE: Majestic Beer Babe of the Week (May 8, 2014) 
WK3 UPDATE: miserable golf weather (May 15, 2014) 
WK4 UPDATE:The RangeShank Redemption meets The Hounds of Lawlessville (May 22, 2014) 
WK5 UPDATE: Card Cap'n goes down with his ship, the A.S.S. Hole-of-the-day!(May 29, 2014) 
WK6 UPDATE: All Scorecards returned and accounted for!(June 5, 2014) 
WK8 UPDATE: Pay, pay, pay! You wouldn't like Snapper when he's "pugnacious"(June 19, 2014) 
WK9 UPDATE: Beer-N-Corn? Far less seen than the overrated unicorn(June 26, 2014) 
WK10 UPDATE: Subs Shine in Snapper Summer Sun (and other 'S' words)(July 10, 2014) 
WK11 UPDATE: Jim Rockford's Answering Machine: "THAT'S GOOD BILL!!!"(July 17, 2014) 
WK12 UPDATE: Birthdays, Eagles and Beer Babes(July 24, 2014) 
WK13 UPDATE: The last group syndrome(July 31, 2014) 
WK14 UPDATE: Cell Phones (and putter grips) on "Vibrate"(August 7, 2014) 

Snappers, start your engines!
April 14, 2014 By: 'Blade

Miguel Angel Jimenez asks: "Are you warmed up yet?"

April 30, 2014 By: Snapper

When? Thursday, May 1, 2014 &@; 5:06pm Where? #10 tee. GET THERE!

The Majestic Snappers Golf League Bids a fond farewell and adieu to the following league members who will not be formally joining this year: Scott Cowan, Jeff Shook, Kevin Hammer and Greg Gearlds. Ahh but they are all established averages and handicaps and I am certain would welcome invitations to make guest appearances as subs. Keep them in mind and contact me if you need a sub and don't have a cell number or email.

We welcome the following individuals to our league this year and wish them good luck in their quest to achieve or avoid the AOTD: Paul Oginski, Jim Ko, Josh Stead and Tyler Beatty. And while his 2013 paid up dues statement says he never really went anywhere, we also welcome back Herb Green with healed lumbar spine ready to rock & roll.

Finally, congratulations seem to be in order to the two Snappers pictured here, but for what I am not totally certain.

The photo evidence submitted by Jamie is from Easter with Coop seemingly presenting an Easter Basket to Little Timmy K. Is it bestowed and accepted as:

a) a gay marriage proposal?
b) solicitation for an adoption of the cute little guy?
C) a simple act of kindness and friendship?

you decide.


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WHO PLAYED AGAINST TWO SUBS WHO SHOT "59" each and scored only 2 holes "4 pts" total?
WK1 UPDATE: May 1, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: May 7, 2014)

The Majestic Snappers Golf League Bids farewell to the following league members who committed & then backed out the night before the league started & will not be formally joining this year: Josh Stead, Tyler Beatty. We welcome the following individuals to our league this year who have taken their place and begin week 2: Darren Bentley & Duane Lumm.

Weekly Cudos: Jamie Leece was a one man wrecking crew taking on the hardest 9 holes on the course the 1st night of golf in horribly cold & wet conditions: nice "37" actual and "31" net not to mention 6 pars & the only birdie for the league so far.

Greenies: oh yea Jamie Leece hit one green and nobody hit the other so it's a greenie pot sweeper.
Team Skin: Jamie blind drew the hole and why not? Leece & Green take the 1st skin pot.
5-Hole: goes to Scott Gregory who also carded 6 pars for the nite. nice job Scott keepin some of the cash away from Jamie.
AOTD: none deserving none awarded. me thinks the weather just made it so your hearts weren't in it. better luck this week Snappers.

ENIGMA OF THE WEEK: (look it up TK) speaking of TK, he and his partner BOOB accomplished something one might not have thought possible. They golfed against 2 subs. Each sub shot "59" actual and TK & BOOB managed to win only 2 holes, 4 pts total.

BUT I SMELL A CONTROVERSY so let's just put it out there for a vote...

Our forfeit rules allow that if only one opponent shows with no sub (rule 6) or no one shows and no sub (rule 8) the 4 match pts are forfeited to the team playing them. We amended rule 6 in rule 5a "Cowan/Peltier Revision" by allowing once/year two subs to show & play for pts but the 4 match pts are forfeited to the other team. The forfeiture of the 4 match pts is intended to be a penalty to the team not showing rather than a reward to their opponents of free pts. The opponents get the 4 match pts usually as a default mechanism so they go somewhere. But this was a peculiar situation. TK & BOOB's opponents was a team not in existence since they quit the league before the match. They are now replaced. It could have been any of us who drew this match and got 4 free pts nobody else could ever have a chance at. It does not seem fair to the rest of the league that TK & BOOB should get 4 free pts when the rest of the league will not enjoy the same possibility since, we now have a team in that slot.

THEREFORE, having watched OBAMA do it over and over this past year, I, SNAPPER, by executive order and Majestic proclamation have determined that we don't need to follow these rules this time and I have not awarded 4 free forfeited match pts to TK & BOOB.

But unlike OBAMA, I will listen to a majority SNAPPER vote. Do you think its fair that TK & BOOB get 4 free forfeited match pts for last week just cuz our rules say they do? Should we amend the rules again for this specific situation where the team forfeiting is no team at all as the league is temporarily short a team? vote as you may, but remember, when you are finished voting I may veto with or without another Carlson vote on the matter.

FINALLY, check out Snappers Golf League Facebook page & www.SnappersGolfLeague.com for a picture of the very first Majestic Snappers League 2014 Beer Babe of the Week winner: Congratulations ALLIE!


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MEET ERYNN, week 2 Majestic Beer Babe of the Week
WK2 UPDATE: May 8, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: May 9, 2014)

Erynn (seen here with Snappers Wolf & Hollywood) won the award hand down for her enthusiasm in making certain that Snapper league members were duly imbibed before venturing out onto the course. while sitting on the deck before league somebody overtipped her the first time for saving him the 30 foot walk to the bar for his own drink, and from there it was one, every 30 seconds, "You guys ok? anybody need another drink?" hahaha well done Erynn

Ahhh, Majestic Snappers Golf League in southeast Michigan. Week 1 = miserable cold rain about 37 degrees feels like 27 with wind chill & Week 2 =, a mere 7 days later, sunny, hot, calm, gorgeous. what 85 - 90? Or only 70? Don't know & don't care. I even worked up a sweat for the first time in months.

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Chris "CMONEY" Carlson & Tommy Harrison hit the greens closer than anyone else. way to go boys.
Team Skin: carry over
5-Hole: goes to Scott Gregory for the second week in a row.


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As if week 1 was not bad enough as the most miserable golf weather
WK3 UPDATE: May 15, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: May 17, 2014)

...all I had to do was complain about it and week 3 was colder and wetter.

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Herbie Green & Ricky Carlson.
5-hole: Herbie Green
Team Skin: a two weeker worth 44 smackeroonies was taken down by team Carlson/Mitteer.
Jamie's 5 buck weekly scratch skin pool is now $55 as it carried over.
AOTD: none deserving, none awarded. gonna have to step it up boys or it could get boring.

I do wish to send out my personal thanks on behalf of my partner D Savoie and myself who got our arses handed to us with a pink ribbon tied up and sticking out last week by team Throesch/Barnett who threw 92 strokes at us last week which was 29 less than they put on the card in week 1 and 12 less than they carded yesterday.

Looking at the sheet you can see that Herb Green is tearing us up in a number of ways. 1st, he and his partner, after 3 weeks, have opened up a sizeable 10 point lead on their nearest challenger and have 57 pts so far. That's an average of 19/week. Somebody better go get em. 2nd, Herbie has cashed 3 freaking times in our weekly side bets again in 3 weeks. And finally, Herb has the early lead in the league sheet bingo coverall having filled in all but 2 squares on the sheet. He needs only an eagle and an asshole of the day to complete all his squares.

Speaking of empty squares... after 3 weeks last place in square filling is a two way tie between Jason Carrier and Bill Cape, neither of whom have yet to fill a single square on the sheet. Not even with a "par" being noted. But Bill, have you noticed that Jason has not been here and golfed yet???

While we await the winner of this contest, who can get a par first Jason Carrier or Pic Pic?, we should note that of the 27 holes we have played so far, both Jamie Leece and Scott Gregory have parred "13" of em. nice job guys.


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The RangeShank Redemption meets The Hounds of Lawlessville
WK4 UPDATE: May 22, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: May 24, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Chris "Carl" Carlson & Jamie "Peaches" Leece
5-hole: Rick "Snapper" Carlson
Team Skin: a carry over push
Jamie's 5 buck weekly scratch skin pool is with a carry over won in a single skin carded by Steve Gregory for 110 smakeroonies.
Low actual "37" & low net "31" both go to Larry Cooper who was seen before league whining at the range about every shot being a shank.

A quick look at the sheet shows that:
Of 216 individual hole scores carded this week only 56 were scored as a par or better. yet Coop 7 Herb had 13 between them. After 4 weeks including 2 weeks on the hardest 9 hole track of the bunch (10-18) & 2 weeks in foul, cold wet weather, the league average is 48. 6 low average belongs to Herbie at 41 and get this all of the weekly games side bet money (EVERY LAST DIME) has so far been won by the same 7 guys (Rick Carlson, Chris Carlson, Dave Mitteer, Jamie Leece, Herb Green, Tom Harrison & Scott Gregory) fully and exactly one half of the league now has carded at least 1 birdie. no Eagles yet and we still have a tight race for the last guy to score a par between Bill Cape and Jason Carrier (I am told Carrier will actually be here the second half of the season Bill…4 or 5 more weeks. no pressure..)

Oh, and note the photo op (front side) COOP jumped at when volunteers were needed for JESSICA's BEER BABE OF THE WEEK big moment. Jessica seems a bit startled at how quickly COOP jumped up and put his arm around her. partner Tommy Harrison tried to assuage her fears by informing her, "Don't Worry. He's Gay." she seemed to relax a little and then COOP retorted with a devilish leer, "Yeah but I'm thinkin about switchin back!!!"

SNAPPERS NORTH 2014 weekend trip Thursday September 25 - Sunday September 28 has now been booked (reservations for 24 guys only at this time) 3 nights lodging in condos on the course at the Chief in Bellaire, 5 rounds of golf. 18 holes each on the Chief, Hawk'S Eye, and Shanty Creek's Schush Mtn, The Legend & Cedar River. all for $395/pp. Make your commitment and $100 deposit with Snapper and if you did not receive an email with the details see me. you are invited.

COMING SOON (as soon as I am sent the photo): who was the latest MAJESTIC BEER BABE OF THE WEEK? For Superior Service and Superior Attitude... HINT: it's going to be JESSICA!!


League may take up a 'No Twerking on the Fairway' rule in next quorem
By: DaBlade May 18, 2014)

Apparently, Jamie and Herb have been yucking it up over their big lead after week 3. Well, last I knew, the league doesn't hand out trophies after only 3 weeks. In fact, the 1989 League champs are STILL waiting for their trophies.

WANTED! Two escaped jackasses!

Who are those fellas doing the samba on jibjab?

Hey! No twerking guys!

Jamie and Herb are running up the points and still find time for dance! Caption this photo.

If u need help, try ESPN's trash talk comebacks... "What time are cheerleader tryouts?"

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Cape Pars, but the jovial mood is darkened after a Card Cap'n goes down with his ship, the A.S.S. Hole-of-the-day!
WK5 UPDATE: May 29, 2014 By: DaBlade(POSTED: May 31, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Jerry "Free Golf" Carlson & Jim Kulha
5-hole: Paul Throesch
Team Skin: The Gregory Boys take the 2 week carry-over
Jamie's 5 buck weekly: Larry Cooper & Herb Green
Low actual: Herb Green "38"
Low net: Dave Wolfenden "32"

Text from Chris: "Make sure to text Jerry to write up Pic Pic got his par. He bought a couple drinks so it would not be forgotten!" In that spirit, I propose a toast. Everyone please raise their glass of swill that Bill bought them. Cheer!

As promised, meet Jessica, the latest Majestic Beer Babe of the Week!

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All Scorecards returned and accounted for!
WK6 UPDATE: June 5, 2014 By: DaBlade(POSTED: June 7, 2014)

Blade: I may only be a sub now, but with Papa Snap and C-Money in Vegas this past week, I felt the weight of responsibility for the league's safety and well-being, as well as the protection of the manbag. I am proud to report that all cards were returned and accounted for on my watch! (and no emergency tourniquets were necessary)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Herb Green & Ron Bruff
5-hole: Dave Barnett
Team Skin: carry-over
Jamie's 5 buck weekly: Cooper, Green, Leece & Gregory
Low actual: Herb Green "38"
Low net: Paul Oginski "32"

Bill "Pic Pic" Cape Pars again!:
The league celebrated another Cape par this week, after achieving his first par this season the previous week - or as Nakes stated, "that's two pars in-a-row!" When prodded for the play-by-play, Cape simply said, "routine!," and then explained he had a real good drive on the 156-yard second par 3, at which point Wolf interrupts Bill to state, "we don't call them 'drives' on par threes," and Bill retorted, "I DROVE the ball!" Congratulations Bill! Routine indeed!

Handicaps based on your 5-WEEK average: Self explanatory. We only use your last 5 weeks for handicap computation. If you haven't missed a week yet, then your score from week one has been dropped. An updated 2014 Scores YTD is now available.

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WK7 UPDATE: June 12, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: June 14, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Naked Dave Mitteer & Chris "CMONEY" Carlson
5-hole: CMONEY
Team Skin: carry-over
Jamie's 5 buck weekly scratch skins: Herbie Green & Tommy Harrison took home some cash
Low actual: Jamie Leece "40"
Low net: Dave Lawless "34"

AOTD: Nominations were a little weak and no actual vote was taken as nothing grabbed us at the time. Almost got Steve Markunas for turning in a scorecard with opponents subs first name only but he was able to identify the last name the next day. Chris almost won for screaming "HEY ROD" at the ranger in partner Dave's backswing at 115 decibles.

JAMIE & HERB continue to build upon their sizeable lead of 22 points now separating them from the next closest contendas CMoney & Nakes. Can they still be caught?... sure. Does it look likely at this point?????..... Not from where I sit.

We do have our first of the season two time "BEER BABE OF THE WEEK WINNA". Winna Winna Chicken Dinna! For superior attitude and service to the Majestic Snapper Golf League week after week after week (and we are not that easy folks) Thank you ERYNN! (seen here with 5th wheel tagalong cuzn to sub Rey Farah, Stephen Abdella).

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Dues week. Pay, pay, pay! You wouldn't like Snapper when he's "pugnacious"
WK8 UPDATE: June 19, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: June 21, 2014)

According to Wikkipedia, which of these definitions and/or synonymns describes Bill "Pic Pic" Cape in the view of his partner Dave Lawless?: easily annoyed or angered and likely to argue, feeling or displaying ferocity, cruel, savage, scathingly harsh; vitriolic, aggressively self-assertive, belligerent, aggressive, agonistic, argumentative, assaultive, bellicose, brawly, chippy, combative, confrontational, contentious, discordant, disputatious, feisty, gladiatorial, militant, pugnacious, quarrelsome, scrappy, belligerent, warlike, antagonistic, fierce, hostile, hot-tempered; acidic, bearish, bilious, bristly, choleric, crabby, cranky, cross,disagreeable, dyspeptic, fractious, fretful, grouchy, grumpy, huffy, ill-humored, ill-natured, ill-tempered, irascible, irritable, ornery, peevish, pettish, petulant, prickly, querulous, rude, snappish, snappy, stroppy[British], surly, testy, touchy, ugly, waspish; savage,vicious; battling, fighting, warring??????? Answer found in the weekly AOTD nominations.

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Jamie Leece & Herb Green
5-hole: Steve Gregory
Team Skin: Steve Gregory & Scott Gregory won the carryover
Jamie's 5 buck weekly scratch skins: Herbie Green & Jamie Leece took $12.50 each and Steve Gregory won 2 skins for twice that.
Low actual: Herbie Green "38"
Low net: Steve Gregory "32"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!

PLEASE CHECK WITH ME FOR YOUR DUES BALANCE AND PLAN ANOTHER PAYMENT OR TWO. THIS WEEK WE ARE HALFWAY THROUGH THE SEASON. I have collected $7749 in league dues and paid the golf course $8832. There is a total of $4,326 outstanding unpaid dues at this time.


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Two Babes, but only One Horn?
WK9 UPDATE: June 26, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: July 8, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Timmy Kachelski & Paul Oginsky
5-hole: Paul Oginsky
Team Skin: Team Peltier/Oginsky
Jamie's 5 buck weekly scratch skins: $20 each went to Chris Carlson, Herb Green & Scott Gregory.
Low actual: Herbie Green "36" -honorable mention to Chris CMoney Carlson "37"
Low net: Chris Carlson "29"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Paul "Ogy" Oginsky's name was called for the third time while CMoney was passing out weekly bet money a raucous chorus could be heard for miles around: "FREE BEER... FREE BEER... FREE BEER!!!!!!!!".

ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, June 26, 2014:
Jim Kulha. Apparently the product of a very difficult "forceps delivery" many years ago when being pulled into this world from his mother's womb while hanging on with both hands inside, won the revered award by spending hours with us all league night with an empty beer can mounted to his forehead with nothing but his misshapen head and a little sweat. check out the video online to see him even successfully playing the downhill par three without losing his unibeerhorn.

Jim the first sighting... Beer-N-Corn? Far less seen than the overrated unicorn


Team Carlson/Mitteer eeked out a 4 point victory over 1st place Leece/Green with a solid performance by Nakes and a one over par "37" by Chris narrowing the lead to 15 points midway through the season.

Team Bentley/Lumm won the battle for 2nd to last place over Carlson/Savoie 12-10 and jumping them by a single point……BUT wait a minute. Team Hochstein/Kuhla joined Carlson/Savoie for a tie in the basement after Cape/Lawless opened a can of 18-4 whoopass on them.

Also making a move on position round night were Team Peltier/Oginski (or as Ogi now calls them) Team Oginski/Peltier. Team Cooper/Harrison and Team Throesch/Barnett each making short shrift of their opponents….

IT WAS BIRDIE NIGHT also with 9 subpar holes carded. one each by Scott Gregory, Dave Lawless, Don Savoie, Paul Oginski, Naked Dave, CMoney and two by who else - Herb Green.

BEER BABES OF THE WEEK: continuing the Majestic tradition of excellent personality and service two of the staff are honored this week. Thank you Jessica and Kelly.

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Subs Shine in Snapper Summer Sun (and other 'S' words)
WK10 UPDATE: July 10, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: July 19, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Timmy Kachelski & Tommy Harrison
5-hole: Jeff Nesgoda
Team Skin: Team Don Savoie & Paul Wojdylak
Low actual: Paul Wojdylak "38"
Low net: Dave Lawless "34"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AOTD: none deserving and none awarded this week

WOW! On a week when there were sub golfers all over the place, Dave Lawless called Snapper for a sub two hours prior to teetime when PIC PIC pimped him out and Snapper was unable to help him. So, Dave proceeds to forfeit the "4" match points for golfing solo, per league rule 6, but then opens a major can of WHOOPASS on his opponents and single handedly wins 8 of the 9 holes. oh my!

WOW WOW! Another man with an attitude I am told was sub Paul Wojdylak who, not complaining mind you, has not been able to touch a club for weeks due to children sports obligations, came out and posted the following scores: par.. par.. par.. par.. par.. par.. par.. par.. double bogie. and was noticeably pissed off.

Nice 38 Woj. ah no man ah I didn't mean nothing by that. just nice 38 man. Im not raggn ya. Really... don't hit me.

SNAPPERS NORTH UPDATE: What?: annual close out golf season guys golf trip northern Michigan. When? Thursday 9/25 thru Sun 9/28. Who? This what I got and I wanna close it out so talk to me: COMMITTED 1. Rick Carlson 2.Chris Carlson 3. Tim Kachelski 4. Dave Mitteer 5. Steve Markunas 6. Dave Wolfenden 7. Don Savoie 8. Brian Babcock 9. Paul Wojdylak 10. Bob Baughman 11. Larry Cooper 12. Vaugn Pistola 13. Gordie Strachnan 14. Tom Harrison 15. Rey Farah 16. Jeff Nesgoda 17.Darren Bentley 18. Duane Lumm 19. Mark Elmer HEDGING: 20. Steven Abdella 21. Steve Peltier 22. Paul Oginski 23. Ken Hochstein 24. Jim Kulha 25. Mark Ostrander 26. Herb Green 27. Jamie Leece ??????


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Jim Rockford's Answering Machine: "THAT'S GOOD BILL!!!"
WK11 UPDATE: July 17, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: July 23, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Timmy Kachelski & Jason Carrier
5-hole: Jason Carrier
Team Skin: Team Throesch/Barnett
Low actual: Larry Cooper & Scott Gregory each with "40"
Low net: Jason Carrier & Rick Carlson each with "32"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!!! This week was Jason Carrier week, making up for lost time. Nice job.

Under the category "WOW" - second place wannabees Chris Carlson & Dave Mitteer got another shot at first place Leece/Green and again did what nobody else on the league seems capable of - that is, they whooped good up one side of the round and down the other. That is until CMoney put up an inexplicable "10" on the par 5 seventh hole (which, by the way, Jamie and Herb each birdied, and Leece/Green were able to tie the match points and score a respectable 8 pts in a round they may not otherwise have deserved so much. Nice match to all four of youse guys. Killer birdies covering a "10". yessireee.

Birdies you say????... there were 9 of 'em out there last week including 2 for Jamie, and Dave Barnett got his first of the season. Good job guys!

Still looking for the first eagle of the year for the year.

And don't forget, in the words of the infamous tv Hill Street Blues Sgt. Phil Esterhaus (may he rest in peace): LET'S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

And while we are at it, don't forget we lost a legend this week. RIP James Garner. How could we forget Jim Rockford, while talking to a guy that remarkably resembled one of our own: "JAMIE, you know what? I'm going to do something I've never done before. Usually I like to talk to a guy first. But with you, I'm gonna rap ya' right in the mouth."


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Birthdays, Eagles and Beer Babes
WK12 UPDATE: July 24, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: July 31, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Chris Carlson & Jim Kulha
5-hole: Dave Barnett
Team Skin: push/carry over
Low actual: Herb Green shot "39"
Low net: Dave Barnett "31"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!

AOTD: n/a. not even a nomination. woeful

Under the category WOW. STEVE MILLER BAND said it first. Then Rick 'Snapper' Carlson has been bangin the drum all year long (louder than the guy in the outfield in Cleveland at Indians game... FLY LIKE AN EAGLE! "The league doesn't have any eagles!" Well now we do. We got two. One from Herb Green and another from Steve Peltier. Ask 'em both about it. I am certain Herb will shyly shrug it off, but I am just as sure that SHANG will have a story for ya. What about SHANG? give us a blow by blow. stroke for stroke recitation... (ALL 2 of 'em) how'd ya do it?????????

WHO HAS A BIRTHDAY TODAY??????... Longtime SNAPPER, and one of the original McKenzie Brothers (hoser), DAVE LAWLESS.

Dave will not be with us today, as his wife promised him that if he would just stay home this week, she would... well, never mind... I cant spread that kinda rumor, but I will say... in the words of Cheech & Chong...


just sayin

How about GOLDEN FOX (an Arthur Hills designed course) @ Fox Hills CC in Plymouth, Mi. Sunday, September 7, 2014…details to follow.

MAJESTIC BEER BABE OF THE WEEK: Congrats to KAYLA (what? no picture?... coming soon)

Meanwhile, this IS NOT a picture of Shang and Kayla.


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The last group syndrome
WK13 UPDATE: July 31, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: August 6, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Jamie Leece & Bob Maguffee
5-hole: Len Carette
Team Skin: a 2 week carry over won by Darren Bentley & Rey Farah
Low actual: Jamie Leece & Len Carette "42"
Low net: Kennie Hochstein "35"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!

Speaking of Jamie, his scratch skins game paid Wolf $18 and sub Len Carette $36 for two skins.

Speakin of Lenny, thank you for coming and golfing by yourself against Jamie n Herb. THAT is not an easy thing to do in more than one way.

Speaking of Jamie n Herb and easy... once again they were awarded "4", count em "4" free match points just for showing up, as their opponents seem remiss to do these days. (remiss. look it up TK. "I took a penalty and a drop, but I REMISSED it again!"). This week it was their good friend Tommy Harrison who backed out at the last minute. With Coop already excused for business and party planning, Tommy's unexpected last minute absence is very suggestive of sereptitious phone calls being made by Jamie to his friends. What are you prepared to do to win the league?????????????? (what TK?... sereptitious?....look it up. "I never drive my syrup truck under ladders because I am 'SEREPTITIOUS'".)

PAY YOUR DUES BOYS! We have 4 weeks left.

MAJESTIC BEER BABE OF THE WEEK: Congrats to first time winner Helen!

Don Savoie congratulating KAYLA, the 7/24/2014 Majestic Beer Babe of the Week!


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Cell Phones (and putter grips) on "Vibrate"
WK14 UPDATE: August 7, 2014 By: Snapper(POSTED: August 13, 2014)

Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Rey Farah & Ken Hochstein
5-hole: Jamie Leece
Team Skin: Carlson/Savoie
Low actual: Larry Cooper "38"
Low net: Tom Harrison "33"
Jamies scratch Skin Pot: Coop & Jamie
AOTD: n/a

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AND Here is an important golf tip. Respect your playing partners by not bringing your cell phone to the course during play. HERE IS ANOTHER REASON:

Cell Call: There are several men in the locker room of a private club after finishing 18 holes. Suddenly a cell phone that was on one of the benches rings. A man picks it up and the following conversation ensues:
"Hello?" "Honey, It's me."
"Are you at the club?"
"Great! I am at the mall 2 blocks from where you are. I saw a beautifulmink coat... It is absolutely gorgeous!! Can I buy it?"
"What's the price?"
"Only $1,500"
"Well, OK, go ahead and get it, if you like it that much..."
"Ahhh and I also stopped by the Mercedes dealership and saw the 2001 at a really good price ... and since we need to exchange the BMW that we bought last year..."
"What price did he quote you?"
"Only $60,000..."
"OK, but for that price I want it with all the options."
"Great!, before we hang up, something else..."
"It might look like a lot, but I was reconciling your bank account and...I stopped by the real estate agent this morning and I saw the house we had looked at last year ... it's on sale!! Remember? The one with a pool, English Garden, tennis court, acre of park area, beach front property..."
"How much are they asking?"
"Only $1,450,000... a magnificent price, and I see that we have that much in the bank to cover..."
"Well, than go ahead and buy it, but just bid $1,400,000. OK?"
"OK, sweetie... Thanks! I'll see you later!! I love you!!!"
"Bye... I do too..."
The man hangs up, closes the phone's flap and raises his hand while holding the phone and asks to all those present:
"Does anyone know who this phone belongs to?"

A golfer walks off the 18th green, hands his putter to his caddie and says, "Kid, you've got to be the worst caddie in the world."
The caddie replies, "Sir, that would be too much of a coincidence."


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Weekly Cudos:
Greenies: Dave Wolfenden & Darren Bentley
5-hole: Rick Carlson
Team Skin: Dave Wolfenden & Dave Wolfenden or if you prefer "The Lone Wolf"
Low actual: Herb Green "38"
Low net: Jim Kulha "33"

Nice shootin boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Under the heading idle thoughts & observations:
*Herb Green, low league average also wins the soduko quest award this year filling in each and every possible sheet category of praise.
*The entire league season average was 0.67 strokes better than last year at 47.84.
*The most consistent stagnant player was Boob Baughman averaging only 0.07 strokes different from last year. nice improvement Boob.
*Most improved were herb Green at -3.88 strokes & Scott Gregory @ -3.56 strokes over last year.
*The "Dammit I suck but just wait til next year" category winners are Ken Hochstein @ +1.81 & Timmy Kachelski @ +1.65 strokes this year.

Final Position Round Results???? Herb & Jamie took 1st place from Chris & Nakes & team Hochstein/Kuhla managed to lock up last place by losing to yours truly & Don Savoie by a single point.

Sure went fast this year. Thanks for the good times my friends.

Final parenthetic note: As I sat in my office on Saturday preparing this sheet, I got a cellphone text from Timmy Kachelski who apparently ignored the multiple sheets given out in advance and the website postings and texted me: "Time I golf on Sunday"... there being no question mark in the text I chose to consider it a comment instead to which I answered, "Yes it is!" Bahahahahahaha


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