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Pro Michael Moore signs to be erected in Davison, home of The Sugarbush Golf Club?
Editorial by DaBlade/Snapper News
March 1, 2005

The city of Davison council members met last night, and one of the items on their agenda was to discuss resident Kevin McKague's request to have signs erected at the city limits stating that Davison is the home of acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore.

Currently citizens and travelers entering Davison on M15 are greeted by a sign honoring 1980 Olympics hockey hero Ken Morrow, and according to McKague, Moore deserves the same recognition. The outcome of this council meeting is not yet known, nor whether or not McKague has always suffered from maniacal delusions.

Moore and Morrow deserve equal billing? Let's examine Mr. McFugue's (sic)assertion a little more closely, shall we? Ken Morrow was involved in perhaps the greatest sports victory in the history of mankind. This team's accomplishment transcended sports and unified this great country at a time when we desperately needed something to cheer for.

Alfred E. Neuman (sweater wearing Jimmy Carter) was in the white house, and the country was suffering as a result. The inflation and unemployment rate were skyrocketing. American hostages continued to be paraded across our television screens in blindfolds while The red army was flexing their muscle in Afghanistan. Endless gas lines and the general feeling of malaise were the hall marks of peanut boy's tenure.

I still get goosebumps watching the movie Miracle. I remember where I was at when broadcaster Al Michaels asked, "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" Only a few events of monumental scale warrant that kind of memory recall in my lifetime. The moon landing; The day Reagan was shot; the space shuttle Challenger disaster; "Mister Gorbachev. Tear down this wall!"; and when Britanie Spears and Madonna kissed on the MTV music awards.

...And Ken Morrow was BORN in freakin' Davison!

Of course, so was Michael Moore, though you'd never know it to listen to him. Moore doesn't acknowledge Davison, stating instead that he is from Flint. That would be OK with me, except I actually WAS born in Flint, and now reside in Davison. I'm screwed either way.

So what has Moore done on par with Morrow? Has he done anything that unified this country like Morrow did by making our eyes brim with tears of joy or our chests swell with pride at our blessings of being Americans? Or has this political hack divided us across partisan lines with his venomous lies and hate-filled movies, gaining popularity from the other mindless liberals who seem to only be united by their hatred of president Bush?

I'll let you decide. In the meantime, I'm not going to lose any sleep over this sign issue. I have no doubt that the majority of Davisonites from this blue state worship Moore and the ground he waddles on, and they very well may get their sign. For me, I'll keep batteries in the flashlight and the spray paint cans handy!

Comic Caption Contest #6
March, 2004

Michael Moore Caption Contest


Tell me what you would like the sign to say, and I'll post it here. The winner will get his caption actually spray painted over Moore's tribute sign! (Please allow 24 hours for post)

I can't believe it!! Ryan Eashoo took over my favorite local web site! HELP! Now when I go there I have to close my eyes!
Submitted by: Matt Sternberg

I just ran across this post and think its hilarious. Ryan Eashoo and Michael Moore both hate America, they are both huge fat Liberals. Thanks for keeping this available for people to know what the truth is!!! GO SNAPPERS!
Submitted by: Josh
(July 27, 2006) You're welcome Josh. I have always dedicated this website to fighting the colossal ignorance that is the left.

If you want to honor someone GREAT from Davison it should be Davison's LARGEST and BIGGEST celebrity. BARNEY THE DINOSAUR WAS CREATED IN DAVISON. (Michael is a close second, in size only)
Submitted by: Mark Murray -Joys brother/Kevins brother-in-law

Did ya hear kevin mckague is on the Davison city council? I hear now he and Ryan Eashoo are going to put signs all over Davison, and they are wanting to re name Davison, MOOREVILLE
Submitted by: Joe
I'm sure Kevin will do a fine job. He promised NOT to push the sign issue if elected, and politicians always keep their promises. It's that Eashoo character that worries me.

Admit it. Moore was right and you were wrong. How does it feel to be lied to by your president? Unfortunately, you idiots still support him. By the way, recruitment is down in the military. Our troops really do need your support. Enlist!
Submitted by: Pinky
Our president did NOT lie! I still refuse to believe that he had sex with that women... Ms. Lewinski! As for me enlisting, is that so you can hate me on a whole new level? We know what you Michael Morons think of the enlisted who are fighting and dying for our freedom. Now go read Newsweek!

Mike is fat? Oh my, you're right! I'll call off the campaign right now! Surely in this nation of physically fit citizens, we cannot recognize someone who is overweight! Is this rule retro-active? I should call Florida right now and have them take down the Rush Limabugh statues. Please pass the potato chips, Jerry. BTW, the only person who knows me who thinks that I am fat is my wife. She might be signing into your site using a pseudonym.
Submitted by: Kevin McKague

Kevin and Mike are both FAT. So maybe they should join Curves together and do something useful.
Submitted by: Jack Henderson
Do you really want to risk driving by and seeing MM in spandex?

What do you think about Michael Moore as Mayor of The City of Davison?
Submitted by: Jim Davidson
That might be fun! As Rush has said, we should keep a few liberals around to remind us of what they stand for - and for necessary comic relief!

My husband had me come to your site. I think its great that you golfers are not for MM. He is a no good mother f%*ker! I know I might not sound to lady like, but who the f%*k cares!
Submitted by: Sharon nonna business

Are you jealous of Michael Moore? Sounds to me this is "Sour Grapes". I say Get a life DeBlade, and realize that Michael Moore is fighting for your rights! He is on our SIDE! My vote goes to giving Mike a sign. I say the residents of Davison should vote on this.
Submitted by: James Desgrange
Jealousy? OK, the secret is out. I've always aspired to be a pinko socialist counter-culture fat ass whose lies and distortions make him famous in a country with an abundance of liberal weenies. Hire a guard for the sign James.

Davison - Silly City of Flags and Parking Lots Where Neighborhoods Used To Be - I understand why Mr. Moore associates himself with Flint more than Davison. Flint is much more attractive. Maybe you shouldn't be fighting over whether Mr. Moore's name should be on a sign but rather contacting Mr. Morrow to see if he wants his name taken down. Can't wait for my next visit to the Silly City on the beautiful Black Creek.
Submitted by: John C Alger
You may have a point John. Have you seen the red and blue presidential election map? I don't mean the State map, have you seen the breakout county-by-county? It is overwhelmingly red (Republican). The blue (dumbocrats) counties are rare and sporadic, and look so pathetic in the tidal wave of Republican domination. Why would anyone with a brain want their name on a sign here?

Home Of The Fatest Man On Earth!
Submitted by: Joe Peppers

Michael Moore is a outkast because he has made something out of his life. Although I don't agree with the bastard, I think he should be honored in Davison. I move that we name the salad bar at Country Sun Michael Moore Bar, and the Soup Area Ryan Eashoo Soup Bar. That way they get the recognition they deserve
Submitted by: Joe Ranson

MR. Moore has contributed moore to Davison and Flint than any other resident or alumni PERIOD! Mr. Moore has impacted the World more than any other Davison Graduate.
Submitted by: William Theault
The reason I send my kids to private schools is because of you and people like you. Get a clue.

I stumbled across this site cause I googled Michael Moore. I sent in a nomination form for Michael Moore. I know Michael J. Thorpe, and Ken Morrow did too. Ryan Eashoo must push harder against these right winged, narrow minded a$$ holes..
Submitted by: Don Hampson
You are sitting at your computer "googling" Michael Moore? You have issues, sir, and this site will provide you with the necessary therapy. You've made the first step in your recovery by coming here. Good luck!

As a person who has lived in this community for over 30 years I would like to offer my input on Michael Moore. Michael Moore is a great man, who has aspired to greatness. Mr. Moore should be honored by his hometown. He has received WORLD WIDE notoriety. Mr. Moore is truly a great guy from Davison who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Flint Area.
Submitted by: DAVE BARBER
Please j..j.just drop the microphone and kick it gently to me... A sign in MM's honor would be divisive to this community, much like your radio program. The difference is, I can turn the radio dial to avoid you.

DeBlade you are obviously Jealous of another Fat Guy from Davison!
Submitted by: John Nelson
Johnny...Do your parents know that you're using the internet?

I believe that Kevin and Ryan should be given a key to the City. And Michael Moore should be named "Citizen of the Year of Davison"
Submitted by: Jim Hoffman
Your little fan clubs can bestow any accolades to each other and to MM to your heart's content. Just no permanent structures will be tolerated in a public place (that means "no signs at the road")

I think Ryan Eashoo is a HERO! He should be MAYOR of Davison for Sticking up against these RIGHT WINGERS!
Submitted by: Julie Moore - no relation to mike

Be Nice. Michael Moore might do his next documentary on "The Snapper League".... Showing the problems with the snappers.. Such as laziness, and how most of them are DRUNKS!
Submitted by: Jill Wright
Hey Jill. Shut yer yapper and go fetch me a cold one!

We're not fat in mid-Michigan. This is just our winter coats.

Submitted by: GREG MOLSONER

looks like a good time. i thought you and your buddies might like this
Submitted by: Preston Hale
Thanks! A commercial worth watching!

"Home of Michael Moore The Heaviest Guy in Town"
Submitted by: Jerome Tolbert

Kevin our idealistic sincere liberal & serious fellow interactive website co-contributor: Have you looked at the rest of the Snapper website? Are you accusing us of just havin a little fun and distraction from our respective daily routines? No Kevin, never, we are all serious as a heart attack about all of these issues.
Submitted by: Snapper

I seen Michael Moore Tonight at Country Sun. He ate all the focken Cookies! I am pissed off. Ya think the man could hold the mayo, and the cookies.. But Oh No! Gosh I think the sign should say " The Home of The Cookie Monster Michael Moore"
Submitted by: Doug Neely
Watch your fingers at the buffet line!

I think a sign for Michael Moore is a great idea. After all if it weren't for Mike's hard work for that Ralph Nader fella, I wouldn't have been "elected" in 2000!
Submitted by: President George W Bush
Dubya, let's not forget MM's prominent seating next to Jimmy Carter in his presidential box (no, I don't mean Roslyn) at the Democratic National Convention. What an illustration of the absolute joke the democratic party has become.

I don't believe the post signed by Clay Perkins was actually him...that is why I was pointing out the error. I don't think the Superintendent of Davison schools would make such a mistake. As for the rest of you clowns, I would expect nothing other than creative spelling.
Submitted by: Kevin McKague
Kevin, why do you doubt the veracity of these posts? Hey President Bush. Please help me verify the legitimacy of these aliases.

Ya know Kevin is a DORK! I mean geez doesn't this guy have a life? Besides trying to be Michael Moore's Butt Buddy...For example this cracks me up, who cares how people spell.. But ohh boy Kevin, the dork likes to check gramar..
Submitted by: Dave Winfrey
I just post them as I get them!

If this is really from Clay Perkins, and he is in charge of the School Board, then he should have said "Don't Ryan Eashoo and Kevin McKague...." or at least use a grammar check program.
Submitted by: Kevin McKague
There is a Clay Perkins on the school board? Huh! Here I thought it was the rockabilly artist of Blue Suede Shoes fame.

Michael Moore is in town right now, I seen him at Archies in Davison near Davison Rd, off M-15, across from the new blockbuster. He said "Hi" to me.
Submitted by: Bill Hearster
Kevin? You want to take a shot at this one? He seems to be experiencing a "Mooregasm".

Was Michael Moore force fed as a kid?
Submitted by: William Schultz Royal Oak Michigan
Good question Schultzy. My sources tell me that when MM heard about the removal of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, he was asking for it.

Doesn't Ryan Eashoo and Kevin McKague have anything better to do? I mean maybe they should join the snapper league to give them something constructive to do with their time. Sad people they are!
Submitted by: Clay Perkins
C'mon Clay! Nothing constructive? They are frequent visitors to this website after all.

Ryan Eashoo is a pony a$$ prick. If I see Ryan Eashoo in public I will tell him to go New York City to be with his Friend Michael Moore.
Submitted by: Norman Phelps
Nothing would please him more.

Are Kevin McKague and Michael Moore really secret lovers?
Submitted by: Josh Harris
No picture!

To answer Mr. Hammond's question: I would love for one of my kids to grow up to be like Mr. Moore. He tells the truth to power, and fights for the little guy. Of course, they're great kids and I would be proud of them anyways. The only thing that might change that is if they grew up to be golf bums or something.
Submitted by: Kevin McKague
MM supporters insist that he "tells the truth," Yet whenever I ask for specific examples, his fans can not provide them.

I think my husband Kevin is a great guy, who loves Michael Moore. Give Kevin the credit he deserves for doing this, and trying to honor mm. My husband is a very sensitive and loyal man. He is simply doing what is right!
Submitted by: Joy McKague
If only he used his powers for good and not evil

Ryan Eashoo and Michael Moore are two peas in one pod. Except for the fact that one of them is really fat, and over weight!
Submitted by: Jason Willis

Not to worry Jim Nelson, we don't know how to golf anyway, you & MM know that, we will just go back to bowling & rabbit farming, selling guns to irresponsible people with kids, you know the stuff Flint & Davison people are good for. Except the 2 rich guys, they will go back to being human mannequins
Submitted by: A Snapper league member

"Would you want him as a role model? Would you want your son or daughter to be like him?" The word to describe Michael Moore is embarrassing. He embarrasses everybody."
Submitted by: Don Hammond, Hall of Fame selection committee

DeBlade Go Ahead keep Batteries, Flash light and Spray Cans Handy. Cause we will be the first person we come to if the "Moore Sign" is defaced in any way, shape or form.That would be a FELONY! You seem bright enough to keep your big ass out at Sugar Bush for this last season there.
Submitted by: Joe Momma
Hey Joe, the real crime here is your attempt at putting together a coherent thought. My sign tagging will be a mercy killing.

DeBlade I am sure your punky 6'ft plus tall ass wouldn't know what to do if confronted by Talk Show Host and Local Hero DAVE BARBER! 1570AM.
Submitted by: Will
Who? Dave the barber? Never heard of him. He must be on opposite Rush.

"Home Town of Michael Moore, A honest, Caring, Middle Class Man. Who happpens not to Support Geroge W. Bush"
Submitted by: Courtney Hills
Courtney, I will say that you have more cohones than the two clowns (above) who refused to submit their e-mails. Now say "hooked-on-phonics."

As a 18 yr old single mom, I think Ryan Eashoo is a true patriot, he is a Hero to me and my 8 month old daugther. I hope Mr. Eashoo takes on Davison Corruption issues next!
Submitted by: Liz Smith
Liz, based on your life decisions to date, you might want to find a more positive role model for your baby girl.

I love Michael Moore, I see him and Ryan Eashoo a lot at Apollo in Davison. He loves a big coney with extra onions! I think he is good for the economy in Davison.
Submitted by: Audrey Gaia-Paix
Audrey, I can't argue with that! I'm beginning to see the appeal from area business eateries.

I think its sad you obviously are jealous of Michael Moore's success! I mean is this a short guy complex? Does michael moore have a better golf score than you? Does he have a bigger driver than you? Sounds like sour grapes here. I think you should work on your drive, and keep an eye on your own balls.
Submitted by: Tonya Walter
Hey Babe, I'm over six foot(and I'm also very tall!). It sounds like you suffer from testicles envy. Do yourself a favor, lose the pantie-waste and find a real man (Sorry, DaBlade is taken, and he's not into butch)

"Hometown of Michael Moore, the guy that left and made something of himself. The locals are a bit jealous, so feed them donuts, as you can see, they like to eat."
Submitted by: Ryan Eashoo
Try again Ryan. You're still a loser.

I think our poor Kevin might be on to something. " big can this sign be?" he asks, why not a billboard says I? That would provide for a bigger target for paint balloons, while allowing for MM's big, fat, ugly head to fit! See? Everybody's happy!
Submitted by: Glacier-Greg, partner to Honorable Jerry "DaBlade"

I think Michael Moore and Ryan Eashoo should move to France together! They are not true Americans! They hate America!
Submitted by: Joe Reed

Won't it be funny with "The Don" makes Sugar Bush into a Condo and Home Development and you sorry ass people won't have any course to play on? I think Michael Moore is the best thing to happen to Davison since, Lucky's Steak House!
Submitted by: James Nelson
My, my James. Ever heard of "anger management?" First, the mayor loves us. Second, he doesn't own them all. You liberals really hate it when someone is enjoying themselves, dontcha? (Watch those arteries).

First Michael Moore, then other birth towns of people have similarly reached celebrity by calling attention to themselves, loved by some, humiliating to other residents. Send this MM committee to Peekskill, NY for a sign for beloved PEE-PEE HERMAN(Paul Reubens), or Bronz, NY (Linda Lovelace - is there a deeper throat to be proud of?)
Submitted by: Snapper

Hometown of Michael Moore, the guy that actually made it out of here and made something of himself. Watch out you tourists, the locals are a bit jealous. Just ask them.
Submitted by: playitagainsam

Hometown of Michael Moore. When he left the average IQ of Davison dropped to 6. But hey, at least we have flags.
Submitted by: Mr. Big

HE is an a$$ hole f%*k.(explicatives deleted)
Submitted by: Kevin Leffer
Hey! This is a family site. OK, not really. MM does bring out the worst in people, doesn't he? Loved your website!

....and NO, we don't claim Michael Moore. Now stop asking
Submitted by: Paratrooper

Tell those sh*theads that political figures should not be honored by naming buildings, streets or other public acknowledgements (signs) until til 10 years after their death. For once the post office has it right and makes an exception for former Presidents of the U.S. Moore should win the AOTD each & every day of his sorry life. That ugly, smirking piece of sh*t.
Submitted by: Sum Y. Gai
My my Sum, that might be a little too wordy to fit on the sign!

& Sugarbush Snappers Thursday Night Golf League! (tell me with a straight face that more citizens of this quiet, quaint and conservative community would not be more proud of this caption than anything associated with MM?)
Submitted by: Snapper
Would that it were true Snapper

"and his athletic supporter, Michael Moore."
Submitted by: Shang
Nice try Shang, but MM isn't fit to carry Morrow's jock strap!

Hometown of Michael Moore, whose documentaries have been seen by more people in the entire history of film, whose books all entered the NYTimes Top 10 Book sales list, generous philanthropist, giving millions to Flint area schools and charities....How big can we make this sign?
Submitted by: Kevin McKague
Kevin? Did you grow up near the old GM toxic dump site off Pengelly street in Flint by chance, or did you just have an affinity for paint chips as a child?

Wanna play?

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First CNN, now comes the local media
May 8, 2005

DaBlade's resistance effort against the Michael Moore signs at our city limits "gathers steam"...
Who says the mainstream media is biased? It was just over a week ago that CNN did the piece on Kevin's on-line petition for those in favor of Michael Moore signs. The report covered in great detail, Kevin's efforts. To show their balance, they did end the report with a vague suggestion to this website by stating, "Some in the town, there, having a bit of fun with this...a Web site -- of a local golf club."

Now comes The Davison Flagstaff, which ran a story detailing the efforts of the "Michael Moorons" pro-sign campaign. The following is an excerpt from this story...

    The coverage, which highlighted the resistance of some residents in recognizing Moore, resulted in hundreds of hits to McKague's Web site and online petition that he hopes to present to the Davison City Council when it addresses the issue later this summer.

Right there, did you catch that! "resistance of some." That's what I call equal time, ladies and gentlemen! While the CNN story resulted in "hundreds of hits" to Kevin's site, we have also had a few new entries in the Snapper Toon Caption Contest. Check them out.

CNN's blog reporter visited here...
April 30, 2005

Kevin McKague alerted me to the fact that our golf league was mentioned on CNN yesterday (not specifically, but we know who they were talking about!). During CNN's "Inside Politics" with Judy Woodruff this past Thursday, Jacki Schechner, CNN political blog reporter, and Abbi Tatton, CNN Political producer, were discussing Kevin McKague's online petition.

SCHECHNER: ..Now, how many people do you think is famous in Michael Moore's hometown of Davison (ph), Michigan? It's right outside of Flint, and you probably think there are not that many. Well, Davison High School has rejected Michael Moore for its hall of fame four years in a row, a little tidbit that we picked up, once again, over at

TATTON: And blogger Kevin MaCcay (ph) of Davison, Michigan, is taking matters into his own hands: if he can't get elected to the hall of fame in the high school, he wants signs at the city limits announcing that Michael Moore is from there. He's got an online petition here that you can sign, stating the signs should say, "Welcome to Davison, Hometown of Michael Moore."

Some in the town, there, having a bit of fun with this. This is the site -- not a blog, but a Web site -- of a local golf club. "Home of Ken Maro (ph)," says the sign, "1980 U.S.A. hockey team and slovenly film hack, Michael Moore." So, not everyone in that town loving Michael Moore so much as Kevin McCay there.

Back to you, Judy.

Yes, Judy, back to you indeed. If you are tired of Fox News kicking your ratings tail, then consider bringing Kevin and me into the CNN studio for a little "Point/Counterpoint".
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Michael Moore stars in "Signs II"
Movie Review by DaBlade/Snapper News
March 20, 2005

From M. Night Shyamalan, the writer/director of The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable, comes the story of the McKague family in Davison, Michigan. One morning they wake up to find a 500-foot crop circle in their backyard. Soon, crop circles begin to appear all over Genesee County.

The McKagues are told extraterrestrials are responsible for this sign in their field. They soon suspect, however, that Michael Moore and his voracious appetite is responsible for the massive amounts of missing area crops. Kevin McKague realizes too late that he is to blame for this beast being lured back to this area after his success in getting a tribute sign erected at the Davison city limits in MM's honor.

Pictured at right are the McKagues seeking help from DaBlade (Mel Gibson), to rid them of this horror. Kevin and Joy are pictured in this scene wearing aluminum foiled hats in hopes that the onslaught of MM's lies and propaganda will no longer hold sway over them. Unfortunately in a later scene, MM mistakes them for giant chocolate kisses and eats them.

While DaBlade is too late in saving them, he does save the rest of the community when he learns of the beast's achilles heel. You will recall that the aliens in the original Signs movie were defeated with earth water. It only takes the addition of some liquid soap to fend off Moore and send him back to the bowels of deceit (Hollywood) from whence he came.

Hey Michael Moore! Here's your sign!
Editorial by DaBlade/Snapper News
March 12, 2005

    Sign Sign everywhere a sign
    Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
    Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign

Lyrics above are from the one hit wonder band, Five Man Electrical Band, from 1971. "The sign said long haired freaky people need not apply," but it didn't say anything about America-hating propagandists.

Well, well, well! some of Michael Moore's minions have stumbled upon our Snapper golf page and seem to have taken umbrage with my treatment of their overstuffed icon. (Scroll down for the entire list of Caption Contest entries)

Glacial Greg's "Final Word"
Editorial by Glacial Greg/Snapper News
April 1, 2005

Glacial Greg On Michael Moore...
Being a bit of a self-styled "Mr. Fix-it" whenever turmoil ensues, I have a suggestion to end this petty squabbling over a sign for Michael Moore, while at the same time drawing upon other hot topics in the news... How about we remove MM's feeding tube (you know, the milkshake straw from which he draws sustenance), and await his wasting away?! Granted, it might take years for him to get down to a 32 slim, but at least then his entire image will fit on a normal sized sign. And as an added plus - his current mis-proportioned facial features may come back into proper alignment.

See? Everybody wins - MM looks more presentable should his lackies prevail in their drive to get him on a sign in our city, while the rest of us can hope for a conversion of heart and that he makes a film which serves as a constructive contribution to our community. I know, I know... "fat chance" of that happening (pun intended), but us conservatives just can't help our positive outlook I guess.
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Dear Michael Moore "googlers"
Book Cover Review by DaBlade/Snapper News
March 28, 2005

I must admit that I did not read this entire book by authors David T. Hardy and Jason Clarke, but what I did read, I thoroughly enjoyed. OK, it's true that I only read the book cover, but I seemed to get the gist. On this book cover, Hardy and Clarke explore and answer the question, "who is Michael Moore?" The prose is succinct and well organized, and tells it like it is. Don Hampson stated, "I read the cover slowly, as I really didn't want it to end." William Theault writes, "I couldn't put this book down until I had read the entire cover in one sitting!"

If you are a left-wing, America hating liberal like Don and William, I strongly urge you to read this book cover! Based on your e-mails to me (except for Kevin's), I'm guessing that you don't do much reading. If you read one book cover this year, make it this one! I plan on reading it again myself!

DaBlade's anti-Moore campaign a success!

Why didn't anyone tell me?
by DaBlade/Snapper News
June 29, 2005

In a recent e-mail to my liberal friend Kevin McKague, I inquired as to his progress in his efforts to get approval for the Michael Moore honoring road signs installed.

"The Michael Moore Sign campaign is off, for now. There was a story in the Journal last Tuesday (6/21) while you were on vacation. The campaign will be back in some form, some day, one way or another," stated Kevin defiantly.

So shall the Snappers be back to ward of this promised assault on motorists sensibilities. One way or another.

I would just like to say here that this is a dream come true for me! Not that I don't deserve this victory. After all, I worked tirelessly on my anti-Moore campaign, staying up sometimes half-an-hour PAST my bedtime to post pithy comments on this site. It was obviously lost sleep worthwhile. Oh yeah, I couldn't have done it without all of you who took the time to post an entry in my Snapper Toon Caption Contest. Especially you liberals, as your comments helped delineate a distinction between the "haves" and the "have-nots" with respect to brain cells, with the "haves" ultimately winning the day!

Today I bask in the glory of my righteous victory over the moore-ons. As I bask, I also wait for the media onslaught of deserved (but unwanted) attention from media outlets, as I expect to have to fight my way through a barrage of reporter's microphones as I make my way to my car. Certainly CNN has been trying to reach me! Maybe Judy called while I was on vacation.

In the meantime, I am now accepting your accolades and bestowments of love and adoration in the Snapper Guestbook.

The Passion of Terri Schiavo
Editorial by DaBlade/Snapper News
March 24, 2005

"Sickos." That's the title of Moore's new movie attacking the American healthcare system. In one scene, Moore documents the plight of a diabetic who urgently needs a pancreas transplant and whose HMO won't help out. Moore goes to the HMO's headquarters and puts on a mock funeral for the diabetic patient. I wonder if Moore's cameras will be rolling for the re-insertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube? Not a chance! That would assume MM was driven by human compassion and not a political ax to grind.

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani
It is fitting that we are entering Easter season, as the parallels to Jesus' passion abound. Schiavo's parents latest lifeline attempt, the U.S. Supreme Court, has denied the petition to review this case. In Pontius Pilate fashion, they have symbolically washed their hands of her blood. The liberals continue to shout in their ever growing chorus, "CRUCIFY HER!". The police fulfill the role as the Roman soldiers, as their most recent arrest was of a young boy whose only crime was attempting to sneak Terri some water. Michael Schiavo makes a fine Judas, selling the life of his wife for 30 pieces of silver.

...and Terri carries her cross.

This whole Terri Schiavo thing shouldn't be surprising to anyone. The Hyppocratic oath to "do no harm" was thrown out the window with the baby, bathwater and all, when Roe V. Wade was "invented" into law. That's why this culture of death is not a surprise. 45 million dead babies tends to numb a nation to the sanctity of life.

But as of this writing there is still time...

Hey Michael Moore!
I'll make a deal with you. Go to Pinellas Park, Florida and take your camera and microphone into the Woodside Hospice. Do what you can to help Terri like you helped the diabetic in your new film. If you do, then I will join in the local Davison cause to have tribute signs installed in your honor.
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Your an idiot! If you ever wanted to lure additional GOLFERS to your Web Page you just blew it! What is it with you conservative types - Do you want more or less government interference in your life....MAKE UP YOUR MIND!Talk about FLIP FLOPS!

This is a decision between a husband and a wife. Period! Having Tom DeLay shake his moral, ethical finger at us is analogous to having a Hooker give a Sunday School Class on Morals. He's about to get indicted if you didn't know!

I'm sure you'll have fun at your next Militia Meeting you Moron!
PS: Just incase your not used to BIG words

Analogous / a-nal-o-gous (ú-nalú-gús) adj. Abbr. anal. 1. Similar or alike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy.

Ed Gilliland
So a "husband" should have the right to kill his wife? Problems at home Ed? You're going to be the topic of discussion at our next militia meeting.
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The following is an e-mail from Kevin McKague, the Davison resident leading the cause to have a tribute sign installed for Michael Moore, and my response...

Mr. Carlson;
I find it ironic that those on the right call Michael Moore, or really anybody who disagrees with them, un-American, or un-patriotic. This nation was founded on the principal of freedom of speech, and I think that anybody who articulates his opinion in a non-violent way as well as Mr. Moore has is a patriot. He speaks out against the President when he believes that his use of the military is for unwise political reasons, and he does it out of concern for the men and women serving our country. This is a fine example of patriotism. I find it interesting that when he criticised President Clinton for his military intervention in Kosovo, nobody called him anti-American then. Plenty of conservatives did criticize President Clinton however, and they weren't called anti-American (and they weren't anti-American, either, I might add).

As for Mr. Eashoo and myself, we are Patriots, and grateful we live in a nation big enough and free enough for political disagreement and dissent. I can't speak for Mr. Eashoo of Mr. Moore on this matter, but I am a Christian as well. I haven't made any character attacks on you, and I have been hopeful that this campaign could remain polite. I would appreciate some reciprocation.
Kevin McKague
Moore St., Davison (yes, that's really my street name)

I am finding our repartee enjoyable, and hope you are as well. You and I can agree on being thankful for the wonderful freedoms we enjoy. Freedoms that were paid for in the blood of those who have gone before us, and yes, those around the globe at this very moment taking the fight to the terrorists so that we do not have to face them here. I do not disparage Moore, or anyone else their right to express themselves, nor your right to watch his movies. He has the right to be wrong, and so do you.

By all means, continue to meet in your Michael Moore Fan Clubs. Read his books and watch his movies. Just respect my desire not to be subjected to your Michael Moore tribute sign on M15, which I must traverse on a daily basis. I insist on not having to put up with this "second hand smoke" of a sign honoring this polarizing figure. Put it on the lawn in front of your house on Moore st., which I sincerely hope for your mental sake was a coincidence and not a condition for purchasing this realestate.

NOTE: If Ann Coulter was from Davison, I would not support a drive to have a tribute sign at our city border for the same reason (and I agree with many of her views).

The following are MM quotes from various sources. I'm sure you'll at least agree that Michael Moore does not share your desire to debate opinions without character attacks. You really need not read more than the first quote to be convinced that MM may not be the shining example of patriotism you espouse him to be.

''The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'The Enemy.' They are the REVOLUTION, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win.''
Michael Moore on his website April 14 2004
"...anybody who articulates his opinion in a non-violent way as well as Mr. Moore has is a patriot" Kevin McKague

''That's why we're smiling all the time,'' Moore told a rapturous throng in Munich. ''You can see us coming down the street. You know, 'Hey! Hi! How's it going?' We've got that big [expletive] grin on our face all the time because our brains aren't loaded down.''
Michael Moore in Munich
"why is it that the anti-Moore crowd can't make an argument without insults? Insults and name calling is not a proper substitute for a well-constructed argument." Kevin McKague

''They are possibly the dumbest people on the planet," Moore told Britain's Mirror newspaper recently, referring to his fellow citizens as a whole. And that's not all Moore had to say about his brother Yanks across the pond. ''We Americans suffer from an enforced ignorance. We don't know about anything that's happening outside our country. Our stupidity is embarrassing.''
Michael Moore in an interview with Britains "Mirror"
"Let's say you and I try to raise the level of debate a little." Kevin McKague

''You're stuck with being connected to this country of mine, which is known for bringing sadness and misery to places around the globe.''
Michael Moore to a Crowd in Cambridge

There's a gullible side to the American people. They can be easily misled. Religion is the best device used to mislead them. People are easily manipulated . . . and we have disastrous media.
Michael Moore
Dude, Where's My Country?

"...I am a Christian as well." Kevin McKague

"I would like to apologize for referring to George W. Bush as a "deserter." What I meant to say is that George W. Bush is a deserter, an election thief, a drunk driver, a WMD liar and a functional illiterate."
"I have been hopeful that this campaign could remain polite. I would appreciate some reciprocation." Kevin McKague

Awww, you can do better than that. One thing I have noticed in different letters to the editor and posted on-line regarding this issue: Letters supporting Mike cite facts such as Mike's accomplishments, actual facts, etc. Letters against contain vague insults, ad-homonym comparisons to evil historical characters, or Michael Jackson, or call him fat. Some call him a liar, but are unable to cite a significant example of something he lied about. Let's say you and I try to raise the level of debate a little.
Kevin McKague

Kevin: Game, set, match. The fact that there is a need for a debate makes my point. MM is one of the most polarizing figures today (definition of "polarizing" for 1972 Davison cause something, especially something that contains different people or opinions, to divide into two completely opposing groups). Was there any opposition to Ken Morrow?

You claim that you have the "facts" on your side, and cite his accomplishments. Hmmmm. I don't dispute that he is famous for his movies and that he enjoys a large following from other fellow social miscreants. However, fame alone should not be the overriding determinant as to whether a figure should be held in high regard (insert your choice of famous evil historical character). As for your request on examples of MM's lies, the resources of documented examples are too numerous to list, but easy for you to find if you are serious about vetting his opinions. I would start with every utterance ever escaping from his formidable pie hole.
Jerry Carlson

Who's this Kevin Guy? He seems socialist; the kind who will deny they are "liberal" but will proudly proclaim that they are "progessive." Moore and his ilk are USA-hating, pro anti-western civilization, extremists who will do anything to destroy the American way of life. No, I did not see Moore's propaganda film of this past year. I did not want to put one cent in that anti-American's pocket.

Kevin needs to get in the real world, after he graduates school, before he makes judgements about public figures, including that despicable character the good folks in Davison are ashamed to admit having come from there.

Hey, Kevin, I'll give you & Moore a sign...a simple one understood across the globe. It's a simple hand closed fists as you commies like to do.
Submitted by: Bill Holden

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