Handicap Rule

I will “lock in” last year’s season handicaps for your first 3 rounds. Your fourth round handicap will be based on your 3 round total for this year. We will still be employing the “5 week moving average” for handicap calculation after your fifth round.

New golfers (and subs) that do not have at least 3 rounds last year, will not establish a handicap until they have logged 3 rounds this year. Until then, their handicap will be based on that week’s score.

Handicaps will continue to be based on 80% of the difference between par and your average (no cap).

Q: Why didn’t my handicap change in week 2, after I shot an “86” on opening night?
A: Handicaps are “locked in” from last year’s season Average for your first three rounds. (try to keep up Mike)

Q: What is a “5 week moving average”?
A: Only your most recent 5 scores are used to calculate your handicap. No, It has nothing to do with your bowel regularity.

Q: Why the changes? Couldn’t you leave well enough alone?
A: These changes should help eliminate wide fluctuations in handicaps early in the year, and create sufficient confusion that I hope to use to my advantage.



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