Snapper Caption Contest!
We've got some time to kill before the start of the season. What better way to accomplish this than by sending in your made-up, juvenile captions to immature pictures? Here's how this works. Study the picture below closely. Does a pithy comment come to mind? What do you think the subject(s) are saying? Enter your name, e-mail, and your caption entry in the appropriate boxes, and click "submit." Enter as many times as you like. Check back later to view the entries, as I will post the best ones right here!

NOTE: Intended for mature audience ONLY! Must be 18 yrs of age or older to play. Links below open a separate "pop-up" window. If you have a pop-up stopper enabled, try holding down the "shift" or "control" button while clicking on the link.

Caption Contest #7 - August, 2005 Ancient phallus
Caption Contest #6 - March, 2005 Michael Moore road sign
Caption Contest #5 - December, 2004 The putt-putt date
Caption Contest #4 - November, 2004 Desert Golf
Caption Contest #3 - October, 2004 Never up, never in!
Caption Contest #2 - October, 2004 Scratch & Sniff Putting
Caption Contest #1 - October, 2004 The Golf Instructor