2010 Assholes of the Day

First 2010 AOTD Award a "Lawless" Affair (5/6/10) 
Bad Chad & Nessie - The case of the third greenie marker (5/20/10) 
Dishonorable Mention to Steve Hollywood Markunas (5/27/10) 
Dave Lawless for "Undue Accusatory Oratory" (6/3/10) 
Bill Roachie Roach for "Indian Giving" a Pic Pic (6/17/10) 
Rick "Snapper" Carlson for "GROSSLY ARROGANT IMPOSITION UPON FAMILY" (6/24/10) 
dishonorable unmentionables (7/1/10) 
Steve Markunas for gross unpreparedness (7/8/10) 
Herb Green, what's in your wallet? (7/29/10) 
Bad Chad for "EXCESSIVE BRAGGADOCIO" (8/12/10) 
NESSIE for his Hansel & Gretel routine (8/26/10) 

ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, August 26, 2010:
Honorable mentions to Chris for 2 separate nominations.1st trying to get the league to vote to establish a new rule favoring him to the tune of receiving 1 beer from Matt for (and this was not a short story generating numerous catcalls from the crowd to get on with it all taken in stride by a confident CMoney) it seems Matt after much communication with Chris earlier in the day requesting his help in locating a sub for his partner and therefore with full knowledge that his partner "Uncle Paul" would be absent and "Uncle Paul" would therefore not be present and could not reach into his billfold for the requisite weekly $7 team bet and further that substitutes whoever they are do not pay for such things - but Matt came to golf with $2 and only $2 entering the gambling games "on the Come" so to speak. Matt did not win a greenie, did not win 5 hole and did not win skins - but for the skins carryover with no required payout. Matt left only promissory note for $5 to be paid sometime into the future. Perhaps Chris would have done better to simply nominate Matt for AOTD but instead attempted to change league rules allowing league funds to be loaned for 1 beer remuneration. 2nd, Chris was nominated for pretending to Grant that he could and therefore would use his sub finding responsibilities this day to Grant's advantage for remuneration. Apparently Grant wished to sleep in past 2pm and was to pimp out on prearranged grudge bet on early preleague round that is until Chris informed him that multiple teams requested subs - that he was in charge of deciding who if anyone got a sub that had already been found.that if he allocated said sub to Jamie then grant's opponents that night had no sub and would forfeit 4 match points to grant whereas if he allocated said sub instead to the opponents that night of grant that said forfeit of points would not happen to grant's advantage and that Chris was willing to help grant out if he came to play early in the said preleague match for $$$$.
EDITOR'S NOTE ('Blade): Sounds like one a dem antwatpreners to me.

Dishonorable mention to grant who quickly accepted such offer only to find that subs were found for all...

AND THE WINNER IS: NESSIE for his Hansel & Gretel routine (or impersonation of former league member Mike Watson who previously won AOTD for the same predicament) It seems that Nessie spent considerable time in considerable woods with considerable arrays of available shots not always apparent prior to entering the woods. He therefore arrived at a simple solution, ie. Take as many clubs with you upon entering the woods as possible to allow for a variety of shots depending upon what may be called for. Doing this Nessie of course could only use one club at a time for however many shots were required to extricate his stubborn ball at the time from the woods - the other clubs were placed on the ground and against trees, etc as he found convenient. convenient, that is, until he found that he could exit the woods when finished but where the hell were all the damnable clubs anyway??????

Snapper was not nominated but there were rumblings a potential nomination for his write-up and publication on the world wide web of Captain Bill's fiasco the previous week with the juiced up boat, failed docking water cushion attempt - bragaddochio etc etc.it seems the ole pontoon this week was not what she used to be. something about a damaged propeller or some such thing nobody who works there new anything about as the boat limped across walden lake this night at about 2 knots. knew nothing that is until reading the old Snapper League weekly sheet without complete understanding and appreciation for our creativity and editorial license in exaggerating assholish behavior several Snappers are worried about Capt Bill's continued employment as a result... Hmmmmmmmm more to come on that I hope not.

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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, August 19, 2010:
for the very first time in the 22 year history of the Snappers Gold League our most revered award goes to a non league member Congratulations too... drum roll please...

CAPTAIN BILL for "EXTREME EXCESSIVE BRAGGADOCIO AFTER BEING FORWARNED WHAT IT WOULD GET YA". The old Captain, smirk on his face came into the unloading dock at full throttle with a boatload of Snappers holding onto their seats looking forlornly at their unsecured golf bags flippin around the boat interior when BILL says: "Watch this!!!!" at the same time swinging the wheel to the right and using the man made wake of water as a dock cushion,...well almost... Approximately 1.7 seconds after shouting "Watch this" the next sound heard was "BAMMMMMM!!!!!!"... the dock and boat are both fine (scratches and splinters be damned), although several Snappers requested business cards from yours truly... and Captain Bill - you win AOTD!!!!!

Honorable Mentions No Captain Bill did not win on a slow night without contenders for the award, he earned it... for example how bout the Naivity of Paul Woj first off the tee this night and therefore responsible for getting the greenie markers from the clubhouse. Woj who has participated in our games every week all year long and should know we have 2 count em 2 and only 2 par 3s each week nevertheless followed Steve Hollywood Markunas' command to bring 3 greenie markers out.

Or what about Markie Mark for outward insensitivity and disregard for other peoples money. we all know Markie cares nothing for his own money as shameless Wolf & Hollywood request and receive a 6 pack on Mark each week just because he's a nice guy. Mark while just leaving the beer line with said 6 pack acted like he had forgotten something and feigned thirst to which Chris CMoney, next in line responded:" What Mark?, you thirsty buddy? I'll get you something... Beer?... Coke?... Gatorade... Water?" "WATER" Mark demanded and when stepping out onto the deck with CMoney's heartfelt gift purchase of a $2 bottle of H2O from his server tips the night before Mark immediately uncapped the bottle, shook it and emptied the contents in a not so tiny spray first to the back of PicPic then saving some for the front of CMoney's shirt when he simply said: "What the..."

And finally how bout those Woj's and opponents Chad & Nessie, who turned in their scores for the round on a generic course scorecard cuz: "Nobody gave us an official card" note that Snapper saw each and every of the 4 of these guys before the round where he always is on the drydock boat sipping intoxicants, blowing smoke rings taking it easy passing out weekly sheets & cards...

EDITOR'S ('Blade's )NOTE: Not to minimize Cap'n Bill's accomplishments, for I shed a tear of pride as I read this, but I must take issue with Snapper's assertion that this is somehow historic (or "uncharted territory" in keeping with the theme) for a non-league member to win the AOTD award. A search of the archives turned up this...

June 17, 1999
AOTD - No winner 2 weeks in a row! However, were it not for a league by-law prohibiting non golfers from winning this award, the course ranger (Barney Fife?) would have won by a landslide. Aside from his constant hovering, he was pushing Pettegrew to speed play because he couldn't keep up with the "Glacial Twins".

Proof that the concept was being considered back in the 90's. Then the trigger was pulled a mere year later (maybe the same ranger. If so, this guy was good!)...

August 10,2000 (week 15) By Greg Carlson
In an unprecedented move, the vote for A.O.T.D. turned ugly last week resulting in the "Course Ranger" winning our most coveted award, heretofore reserved for the most deserving golfer amongst us.

You'll have to search the archives if you want to read the rest to find out what he did, but clearly "the vote" was taken, and the sanctity of the league quorem cannot be questioned later at Snapper's whim.

But then the league appears to have returned to it's roots and come to it's senses, as Ranger Stan pushed our limits.

June 12, 2004
We felt that Stan, The course ranger man, was deserving of some kind of special recognition for his enthusiastic lack of customer service on his first week. It was even suggested that Stan be the recipient of the asshole-of-the-day award (AOTD).

The AOTD award is as old as the league itself, and is certainly our most prestigious award. It is even documented that golf rangers have won this award in the past, so Stan would not be breaking new ground. However, there has always been a lighthearted aspect to the AOTD, a warm and fuzzy feeling that Stan does not begin to conjure. That is why this new award was created! This DHOTD award. Congratulations Stan! You big DH!

I will concur that Cap'n Bill is the only non-league member to win the AOTD award in the true spirit of lightheartedness intended. Congrats Bill! I guess it really is historic!
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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, August 12, 2010:
Bad Chad by unanimous consent of a post league quorum for reported "EXCESSIVE BRAGGADOCIO" (don't worry Timmy K... I know I have used at least one big word just now that you did not understand & I will give you a dictionary definition:

Braggadocio: *empty boasting **arrogant pretension ***personification of boasting ****braggart *****see also machismo).

When it was explained that he hit his 3 iron into the shit on hole 26, Chad claimed the nomination was uncalled for 2 reasons 1st: you can't win AOTD for playing golf poorly & 2: It aint braggin if you can do it! But that's not what happened is it Chad? Like all of us, Chad was pleased to arrive at the short par 4 hole 26 and find the tee box way up where it never is and the GPS telling us it was a mere 258 or so to the flag. He pulled out his 3 iron and with honors teed his ball 1st in his 4some. then waited for the green to clear... his opponents and partner politely inquired several times what he was waiting for since he was teeing off with an iron. His retort? "The green to clear (of course) as he routinely (and I am told he emphasized the word routinely) hits his 3 iron 270-280 yards and he already was gonna have to hold back a little. The green cleared... but his tee shot did not clear... that is the shit extending a mere 170 or so (a 6 iron for most of us) from the tee box. It aint the golf for which you won Chad but the Braggadocio!!! Tell him TK.

Honorable Mention to Dave Lawless for before putting out on 27 challenging to "man up" whoever from the entire league post round gathering had upset his very good round and (of all unsnapperlike) things yelled at him in his backswing 3rd shot approach to the par 5 and turning a birdie potential into a 10 yard chillydip and a score of "other". mild mannered Dave seldom exhibits such fire in his eyes but it was there this day. nobody admitted to it so apparently nobody did it Dave.

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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, July 29, 2010:
Herb Green adds this prestigious award to his repertoire of league victories. His crime was reported as leaving his wallet in the golf cart upon completing the round. The rest of the story was not reported. Did the cart girl/guy who retrieved it feign ignorance at the lack of cash inside?.... Did Herb claim it was Jamie's fault for some plausible reason???... How long before it was discovered?... When Herb had to get up and take a pee?... oh no that's right, he doesn't do that.
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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, July 8, 2010:
Steve Markunas for gross unpreparedness. With Wolf unavailable for league play due to a better golf offer (some kinda hoytee toytee big time Spring Meadows Country Club thingy) and apparently fearing some kind of post round boasting if things did not go well for his team (unfounded) Steve was left with specific instructions from Wolf not to allow opponents Snapper & Roachie any more than a maximum of "6" points….Steve of course readily agreed, announced his intention to his opponents before the round and to anyone else that would listen in typical Hollywood bravado….then hopped in the cart driven by the best ringer he could find on short notice, mild mannered aw shucks Don Savoie, and asked Don to pull up to his vehicle and load the clubs from the vehicle onto their cart for him so they could get started…Don attempted to follow these instructions at least as well as Steve intended to follow Wolf's instructions…then came the ominous query from Don as he peered into the open vehicle: "What Clubs????"……..Steve completed the round to his credit never once taking fellow Ping owner Snapper up on the offer to play from his bag when he wanted….instead playing partner Don's clubs for the big match…and not too poorly either managing to split the points 11-11.

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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, July 1, 2010:
None deserving none awarded. We did however have a few nominations which as per or norm will receive a weekly dishonorable mention.

First how bout that Chris CMoney Carlson who decided to play extra holes after league and skip most of the post league meeting with the gambling money in his rear pocket leaving poor Snapper to pay the guys off outta his own stash a cash???

Next in absencia (as usual) Markie Mark is nominated for taking the opportunity at the expressway side of # 26 teebox to roll out the Johnson facing traffic a mere 10 yards or so in front of him. Playing partners PicPic and Lawless claim multiple cars honked but then came a horrified look on the faces of a vanload of Brownies coming home from camp.

Speaking of pissin how can we ignore Herb Green. Steve Markunas came back to the old drydock boat meeting with a beer for everyone there (at that time only say 7-8 of us claiming it is only courteous to do so when you get up to pee. Herb who won another greenie and had offered to buy a round offered to reimburse Steve who refused the money and told Herb: Don't worry…you'll have to pee soon enough.." To which Herb..after looking around the gathering of elderly Snappers PicPic, Lawless, Snapper, etc…replied: "No…I'm only 42"…

The greatest amount of laughter at that outlandish and offensive but dead right comment seemed to be PicPic…..who very much enjoyed the rest of the meeting until about an hour later this time with 12 Snappers in attendance…Pic got strangely silent and began moving around in his seat crossing on leg over the other and then changing positions and looking all round uncomfortable…When tears began coming from his eyes somebody somebody inquired: What's wrong Bill?:… and he admitted in a helpless manner, "I gotta Pee"… and pee he did shortly thereafter before returning with 12 $3 beers to pass out to the guys only to have 2 or 3 thank him and then immediately excuse themselves to go relieve their own stored up urine at a time when no one then needed a beer. Thanks Bill….
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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, June 24, 2010:
Rick "Snapper" Carlson for "GROSSLY ARROGANT IMPOSITION UPON FAMILY" …There he was 30 minutes or so before League began, sitting on the ole drydock pontoon, sippin a cold one and smoking a fatty….feet up…arms behind his head without a care in the world…at the same time as fellow snappers approached the course in their vehicles and each began shouting common word out the window at Steve who was feverishly pouring gasoline from a new gas can he had purchased and filled with high grade into ….not his outta gas again vehicle…but Snappers outta gas again van…."ASSHOLE….ASSHOLE…..ASSHOLE…." came the refrain as gravel and dust was thrown up in his face by each passing Snapper. Wolfie showed up in between Snappers smoke rings wafting into the air above Snapper's reclining posture…and said, "come on let's get your van…I'll give ya a ride", to which Snapper retorted: "No thanks…Steve's takin care of it….I left my keys for him down there." (without thought or concern as to how he would get both vehicles to the course without multiple trips).

Dishonorable mention to Steve who was actually nominated for agreeing without question to handle the problem for bro-in-law Snap when asked. "But he was doing a nice thing," Snapper volunteered. "But it was out of character," came the response.

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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, June 17, 2010:
Was it the fine Michigan Summer afternoon or maybe the fact that the Snappers found a way to beat the Nazi Fascist Michigan State Government ridiculously restricting resident businesses from allowing patrons to smoke and drink in the same public place even if outside at a golf course? Yes Jennifer we snuck a beer or two onto the large dry-docked boat/smoking lounge provided by our hosts a hundred yards or so away from the clubhouse without their knowledge or consent. Whatever the cause, Snappers were in a good mood post round despite the predictably high scores generated from the difficult 10-18 back nine. Asshole nominations were offered at a fast and furious pace.

Dishonerable Mentions go out to:
Naked Dave who in spite of the detailed preleague nomination offered by Snapper regarding the "Brown Recluse Spider" fiasco did not win.;

Dave Lawless for unsuccessful attempted treacherous trickery on his opponent Snapper, who shall we say lost more than his fair share of golf balls this round. As Dave is painfully aware from his longtime partnership with Pic Pic, at some point during such a round, searching for and finding slightly used balls not your own, subsequent holes find the beaten down golfer recycling and putting such found balls back in play; we call it "Playin what ya find", and sometimes not being able to answer the question:" What are ya playin?"…After teeing off such a found ball on the troublesome 200yd + into the wind…into the sun…over the water par 3 bitching the whole time about never hitting this freakin green, Snapper hit a beauty of a 5 wood onto the front of the green. As he approached his ball with putter in hand Dave got there 1st, picked up and examined the ball and asked the question: What are ya playin? His half smirk half sneer turned to shock and surprise when Snapper immediately shouted "NXB" a brand he later admitted never having heard of before finding and recycling this particular ball.

Dave then nominated Snapper as a return favor no doubt for apparently "Being distracted by Dave's balls". Dave had graciously volunteered to tend the pin for Snapper for his approximate 80 ft putt and when Snapper read the green and determined Dave was standing on the wrong side inquired: "I'm gonna aim at your balls, is that alright?"….Being then granted permission Snapper hit his 1st putt short of half way there or about 40 ft…….

Jamie Leece was nominated either for trying to get under opponent Chris' skin (successfully) or just being Jamie (same thing?)…Chris was looking in the shit for as many balls as nearly everyone other than his father this day and late in the round upon successfully finding his ball in the tall grass, Jamie asked: "Are you sure that's yours". Questioning his integrity in such a way even jokingly worked and set Chris off and lit him up. Congratulations Jamie…but not quite good enough…

AND THE WINNER IS: Mild mannered and we thought easy to get along with Bill Roachie Roach for "offering and then retracting a Pic Pic to Pic Pic after it was accepted (because it was for par)". Still learning the intricacies and peculiarities of Snapper golf Roachie of course learned from the best this round. Despite the lesson that points are not important and that good fun and making your opponents happy is and having enjoyed numerous gimmees of questionable length throughout the round, Roachie found himself on 18 green with a 4-5 ft par putt. Pic Pic had a fairly equidistant put of his own (call it 12-13 feet). Whether in an attempt to return the favors he enjoyed throughout the round or simply to avoid what he knew would be coming from Pic Pic (incessant, whining, pleading, coin in pocket rattling and protracted pause over the ball , Roachie beat him to it and offered "Pic Pic?"….the immediate acceptance was followed by the question What is that for?" When Pic Pic announced Par obviously, Roache committed the unscrupulous and unforgivable sin before they both missed their putts and said " Oh, never mind then"
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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, June 3, 2010:
Dave Lawless wins for the second time this year….this time for what can most appropriately be referred to as "Undue Accusatory Oratory". Reminiscent of 1988 when former Snapper Steve Iamarino won the AOTD for searching feverishly all about the golf course for 30 minutes after the round for a "2 iron" he never owned (having purchased new clubs that week and not realizing he bought only PW - 3 iron) Mr. Lawless misplaced his 7 iron midround and then as we all do from time to time, drove back to the last hole to see if he left it greenside. What distinguished Dave and set him apart from the rest was his persistence in not accepting the fact that someone on the league was not "F*&%^@# with him". He drove back and forth from one hole to the next and back again searching tees, greens, rough and fairways, and upon not discovering the lost club where he searched, vociferously accused multiple other Snappers in other foursomes of finding and concealing the club from him. Only when he looked once again in his own golf bag to find it next to the 5 iron rather next to the 6 where he always put it did he stop his rant….but alas too late to escape recognition for the week. Congratulations Dave.

Dishonorable Mention goes out to Dave Wolfenden who admitted after the round that out of 9 holes of golf with Herb & Jamie he only managed to address Herb by his proper name for one hole. The other 8 holes he accidentally called him by the first name of Jamie's partner last year "Paul", something Jamie corrected him on in no uncertain terms each time. way to pay attention Dave and thanks for making Herb feel at home and part of the League.

From time to time Snappers are not so surprisingly engaged in assholish behavior outside the confines of league play. Also from time to time when such an act or incident is brought to the attention of the league the following week we choose to acknowledge it award the coveted AOTD if appropriate. Some examples are Pete Deisel (white tees), Naked Dave (Never had a blow job- the drink I mean), Mark Blevins (telephone dyslexia unsuccessfully attempting to make a call for a sub) and Mike Watson (admitting to failure to copulate with a date)…..This week my nomination goes out to Chris CMoney Carlson. Chris went up north to the annual Duffers tournament at Houghton Lake/Prudenville with Wolf, Hollywood & Snapper to engage in a 3 day 4 man scramble tourney. Wolf served as the shot captain deciding which shot the team would play from, a duty not always fun as disagreements are possible but someone has to make the call and Dave graciously agreed. All was fine until day 2 found the team desirous of a birdie on a par 5 hole #1. After 8 team shots and team lying two off the green there were only 2 possibilities, first a ball lying right of the green and short some 15 yards from the green with the pin back left on the 60 foot long green, an overhanging tree branch making it a clear bump and run with no chance to pitch a ball higher than 10 feet. The second possibility was a ball short of the left side of the green 10 feet behind a stand of majestic 35 ft tall blue spruces , a blind shot some 55 yards from the flag, a clear lob shot with no possibility to keep the ball low. Problem: wolf & Steve prefer lobs, Chris & Rick prefer bumps. Dave again graciously made the hard call selecting the blind lob shot over spruce option. Then Dave hit 1st………horrible result….next Steve …..even worse…….next Rick successfully lobbed it over the trees about 20 yards leaving a 35 yard putt…this is when Chris started showing his temper and total lack of regard for poor Wolfie's feelings. "BAD CALL…..BAD Freakin call… that was one BAD CALL" Chris exclaimed over and over while stomping around his team mates all with our heads hung low…. Then between the Words: BAD and CALL for the umpteensth time he swung his club for the teams last shot raising the lobbed ball over the conifers and towards the green then towards the flag then onto the green 3 feet from the pin then two hops and a roll to the left and into the cup for eagle three and a skin. Okay Bad Call go ahead and get mad as long as it makes you play better.
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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, May 27, 2010:
None deserving so to maintain the integrity of the award none awarded. Dishonorable mention goes out to Steve Hollywood Markunas who is the Snapper responsible for reporting partner Wolfman's childish behavior last week of unhooking multiple bags at the last green. This of course won Wolfie the coveted AOTD award. As it turns out it was in fact Hollywood himself responsible for committing the prank. Nice try…Wolf suffered the shame and scorn of the League and he gets to keep the golf ball. Steve? No we won't reward the admittedly assholish behavior of committing the act or for wrongfully reporting your absent partner as the culprit but we got our eye on you mister.

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ASSHOLE OF THE DAY:, May 20, 2010:
Dishonorable Mentions go to: Naked Dave for "Beer Stealin"…oh that Draft Sam Adams Summer Ale is good…so thought Nakes who downed his own and took half cup liberties with partner CMoney's placing the cup carefully back in the cart cupholder expecting Chris would never miss it…Yea Right!

Also, Dishonorable mention to Wolf who in a momentary lapse of adult judgment reverted to being a young prankster again, ignored that most of us have over $1,000 invested in clubs unhooked 3-4 bags from their carts on the last green gathering before hitting the road for work in a quick exit….

Dishonorable mention to Chris CMoney Carlson for asking outloud and enthusiastically for the first time late in the round while on the green: "What is everybody putting for????" (he was putting for birdie and no one remembered any interest on his part in their prior scores when he was not so fortunate.

And the winner is...
Bad Chad & Nessie: sitting at the first tee trying to fit in with the guys the so-called "newbies" were asked to go back to the clubhouse and retrieve the greenie markers for the league (something we neglected to tell them was the normal responsibility of the group 1st off the tee)…not wishing to screw up the task and/or unable to count or otherwise being overly cautious they returned with three markers …one more than we required and then quickly defended themselves saying the extra was in case we lost one.
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First 2010 AOTD Award a "Lawless" Affair
May 6, 2010

Dave Lawless wins for attempting to erroneously pad his partner's score by counting a penalty stroke for a lost ball which was never lost. Now admittedly, since his partner at the time was me (DaBlade), he could almost be forgiven for assuming my ball was lost. However, what seemed to carry the day for the first official AOTD quorum of 2010 (aside from Dave's early exit and lack of defense) were two facts working against him.

(1) Dave's known arrogant over-estimation of his own skill of driving to other golfer's ball locations, a skill necessarily honed from years of golfing with Cape and (born from a desire to finish in some semblance of daylight) having to follow his chaotic trajectories.

(2) Dave's failure to recognize sarcasm when he hears it (this, from a retired school teacher no less).

After scouring the left rough with no success, Dave crossed the fairway and pulled alongside Darren and Grant, having been waved over. Dave asked them if the ball they were parked next to was mine, and Darren, sporting a sideways smirk, answered, "No, I just dropped one there for him". (the aforementioned, and easily recognizable sarcasm). As I hopped out and grabbed a club, Dave immediately motored off into the distance. We had no idea where he was off to, but learned later that he was continuing his futile search for my ball that I was already lining up to miss-hit again.

Dave still may have avoided the AOTD award even up to this point, had he not officially carded a bogey "6" on a hole his partner parred, then chided the three of us for "letting" him continue the search.

In other news, check back soon for the first 2010 official MBBOTW (Majestic beer Babe of the Week). It will be posted just as soon as it is forwarded from C-Money's cell phone to Papa Snap, and then on to me.

As most of you know, we have been awarding the MBBOTW on a sporadic basis ever since July 9, 2007, when Lori Lynn was inducted with this now famous "ponytail and thigh" shot. Since then, many have been honored with this prestigious award, with their pictures scattered in various locations on this website. They will soon be given their very own page and place of honor. Check back soon. Sadly, I must admit we have yet to get that elusive shot of the MBB in her natural habitat.

MBB Natural Habitat: At the end of the day toward dusk, the beer babes gather down at the dock on Lake Walden, playfully wading and splashing each other to cool off, their soaked and clinging attire dripping in slow motion...

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