Treetops, 2008

I paid the cart boy $5 to take the picture, asking only that he get the fairway logo in the shot. I guess we were in the way. My money is still gone.

What a fantastic golf weekend! Elk Ridge on Thursday, kinda on the way to Gaylord, right? Well, not exactly, but what a worthwhile 30-minute detour. Great weather and awesome course. THEN on to Gaylord to check in at TreeTops. A more motley collection of 28 golfers I have never witnessed. Most had dinner and retired early to be ready for the morning tee. Others chose to play beer and drink cards (or something like that) until 5:30am. Yes, some regretted their decision.

Friday morning tee at the Tradition. ThreeTops (the premier par-3 course) to close the day out.

The quiet before the storm, or is breakfast sitting heavy?

Looks pretty organized, don't it?

Yes, it started out cold that day, as Glacial Greg will testify.

I wish Threetops had more hills...

Saturday was a 36-hole golf marathon extravangaza, with Fazio and Smith on the agenda. Actually ended two holes too soon for some because of darkness. Not soon enough for joints and backs for the gray hairs. I wish I had the foresight to purchase some Aleve stock prior to the trip.

Sunday morning found us at the Masterpiece course (Jones). These are the worst pictures ever taken of Michigan's prettiest hole... Gary is either enjoying the view or taking a leak (both?)

Don't forget to practice your putting on the realistic rollercoaster green

Lunch at the turn

Snappers start each day with a wholesome breakfast, thanks to Don Savoie!

Scotty either likes the French Toast and is in the process of eating it, or he doesn't care for it and it is coming back out toward the plate. You make the call...

Hey! Get in line!

And the last hole gallery, quiet and respectful to the approaching golfers as always....

That's a wrap!

Que the dancing gopher...