Northern Michigan Golf at Little Traverse Bay and True North, 2007


Breakfast time at Trout Creek!: Pictured in the first frame, short order cook Steve Markunas wrestles with an unwieldly spatula. Pictured in the middle frame are some steaming golden brown blueberry pancakes! Not pictured in the middle frame are scrambled eggs, ham, sausage, waffles and french toast that was also on the menu for breakfast each morning. Don Savoi seen here enjoying the spoils of his efforts.


Pictured: Mark "The Assassin" Blevins and Dave "Wolf" Wolfenden. Looks like we might be stacked up here for a while.

Pictured: Cousins and honorary Snappers Steve Nagy and Freddie Loomis.

Pictured: Dave Thomas, Scott Cowan, Tim Kachelski, and Steve Peltier await their turn at this scenic elevated tee.

Pictured: Chris Carlson, Don Savoie, Mark Blevins, and Bob Simancek pose before at the same hole.

Pictured: Not sure what's going on here at all. Little help?

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October, 2007


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TK: Whatchu talkin bout, Thomas?
Submitted by: David Mitteer
So Tim, who's your golf league partner for next year?
Submitted by: pic-pic
DT: What you holding there Little Timmy?
TK: Nothing much. Just my Buckeye nuts.

Submitted by: Shang
DT: The trees are starting to turn.
TK: Shut up and hold me

Submitted by: anonymous
Who gives a poo-poo prattah what Timmy say?
Submitted by: Sum Yung Gai
Thomas: " got any more of those tall boy lebrimenfichin light beers in your bag?"
Submitted by: Snapper
DT: "So, Timmy, I'm thinking about upgrading my computer...what do you think I should get?"
TK: "At a minimum, you should get a P4 2.6GHz CPU., I like P4 better than Celeron or AMD. Get an ASUS motherboard and a Seagate hard drive of 160. Gotta get 1 Gig of RAM. You'll also need a DVD/RW. For the operating system I recommend Windows XP Pro. Keep away from Vista, it still has too many bugs in it."

Submitted by: Sum Yung Gai
Why do you putt tees in your sock?
Submitted by: anonymous

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